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When did you get diabetes? How long you have had diabetes? What is your improvement with allopathy? Do you have any complications? Have you tried any other treatments? Have any tips for your fellow diabetics?

Each one wants a new treatment offering a natural cure for his or her diabetes. Are you one of those people? Then ask your questions.

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Get the Proof, we can save the world. 
This sounds REALLY good. (Almost too good to be true) But,.. as with all medicine there is no such thing as a cure for anything without proof. I can …

Compatibility Analysis of Medicines Natural Cure For Diabetes 
7-49 pm Remote Treatment From India To Ghana to Gladys in pursuit of natural cure for diabetes. Now I shall check the compatibility of all your medicines. …

Toxin Elimination & Energy Field Symmetry Natural Cure For Diabetes 
7-14 pm : Treatment for natural cure for diabetes continues on Gladys in Ghana. This is a remote treatment given from India. The healing vibes are …

Natural Cure For Diabetes
9th and 10th procedures
6-58 pm: Natural Cure For Diabetes . Remote Treatment to Gladys in Ghana from India. With this I have completed the 9th and 10th procedures. …

Correction of Organs & Functions
Natural Cure For Diabetes
5-42 pm IST I just completed the 7th and 8th major procedures in this remote treatment from India, for natural cure for diabetes to you, Gladys …

Natural Cure For Diabetes Remove
Mental Blockages Preventing Cure
I just completed the 5th and the 6th major procedures in natural cure for diabetes and multiple disorders. I have done this remote treatment from India …

Repair Major Brain Disconnection
Natural Cure For Diabetes
Procedure No. 4
I have just completed the 4th major procedure by remote treatment to achieve Natural Cure For Diabetes. This treatment is done from India to Ghana …

Natural Cure For Diabetes Rectify
Endocrine Disorders Procedure 3
Treatment For Natural Cure for Diabetes on Gladys continues : I have Just completed one more major procedure. It was the Third Major Procedure done …

Natural Cure For Diabetes Corrects
Brain Liver Disconnections
Treatment on Gladys towards Natural Cure For Diabetes continues: It is 11-15am in India. Just completed another major procedure. I examined …

Natural Cure For Diabetes
Cure Heredity Disorders
Email To Client: Dear Gladys, I just completed the first procedure on you and 20 other procedures in Natural Cure For Diabetes. I have also removed …

Questions About Natural Cure For Diabetes 
Regarding natural cure for diabetes, I have the following questions. so, what is e treatment? How is it done? Whom and where to contact? how much will …

Natural Cure For Diabetes
And Constipation
Bioenergetics - A Constipation Remedy? 1. I understand that one in four of diabetics is constipated. Do your diabetes patients often complain about …

Natural Cure For Diabetes
Heart Disease And
Other Chronic Diseases!
My name is Raajamani. I am a house wife and I am 48 years old. I have one son and one daughter. I live in Sankari Drug in India. I am glad to share …

Cure From Diabetes Type 2
Back Pain & Arthritis
Introduction I am Sivanandan. I am 78 years old. I was a medical salesman for 39 years. I had to carry parcels on my head for distribution. …

Natural Cure For Diabetes
How I Got Relief
My name is Ratnam. I am from Salem in India. I am a Government Officer. I am aged 52. I was suffering from Diabetes Type 2. I was under regular medicines …

Cure from Diabetes, Infantile Paralysis, And Impotence Not rated yet
My name is Anthony Stephen. I live in West Germany. My age is 46 years. I suffer from diabetes and obesity. I also suffer from infantile paralysis …

Relief from Diabetes, Hyper Tension, Back Pain, And Bladder Disease! Not rated yet
I am Somdutta from New Delhi. I do exports and imports. I am 58 years old. For the past thirty years, I have been suffering from Diabetes, hyper tension, …

How My Son Was Cured Of Bowel Incontinence Not rated yet
Hi, I am George Vincent from Sydney, Australia again. In my last post I had only described the energy treatment given to my son by Dr. M. Sathiamurthi. …

Cure From Chronic Bowel Incontinence Not rated yet
I am George Vincent from Sydney, Australia. I own a couple of oil mills. My son George Adams is 15 years now. He had been suffering from chronic bowel …

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