Natural Cure For Diabetes
Heart Disease And
Other Chronic Diseases!

My name is Raajamani. I am a house wife and I am 48 years old. I have one son and one daughter. I live in Sankari Drug in India. I am glad to share with you my experiences of natural cure for diabetes!

I suffer from diabetes type 2 for the last thirteen years. I also suffered from chest pain very often. I had many arterial blocks in my heart. Doctors said that I had conditions of severe heart disease.

They advised me to under go immediate bye pass surgery. But I did not consent to this idea as it was a life threatening operation.

I soon developed so much weakness that I could not do cooking and small house hold duties. I started always lying down in bed. I suffered from sleeplessness even though I was always down in bed.

My whole body ached from head to foot. I had severe neck pain and back pain. No amount of massage could give me any relief. I had constipation from the age of 5. It made me suffer even at age 48!

Doctors said it was due to a wrongly inherited gene. And they could not give me any treatment for correcting that genetic disorder!

I could not pass stools for three or four days till too late. During such periods, I used to feel like a walking latrine! I lost all taste for food. No doctor could rectify my constipation by any medicine.

I took all expensive treatments from the very best allopathic hospitals, where all facilities were available. Even then I had no cure for any of my above narrated conditions and diseases.

On the contrary, I became so weak that I could not climb even two steps to enter my house. My situation worsened day by day. I could not even lift my hands or pick up an object from the floor.

At times, I thought of committing suicide and finish my life once and for all. Treatment, Hospitalization, Treatment, Hospitalization, No Cure but Only Disappointments! This became my life's routine.

No allopathic doctor could improve the conditions of my diabetes, heart disease, chest pain, neck pain, body pain, sleeplessness and constipation. Every day was a painful existence for bitter survival.

At last, my son told me of a new type of treatment which would initiate a natural cure for diabetes and also cure all other chronic diseases in any one's body. At last, this had to be my last effort.

I made up my mind and went to Mr. M. Sathiamurthi who practices E Treatment. He is the No. 1 Bioenergetician in India. His treatment is also known as Energy Treatment.

He did not even ask me what my problems were. He just did his new diagnosis on me by scanning with his Lecher Antenna and other instruments.

He asked me not to worry about any thing and advised me to boldly take up his treatment. He treated me for about half a day with rest periods of 20 to 30 minutes, in between his transmission procedures.

He finished his treatment and we took leave of him. To my very great surprise, the very next day I had a natural urge to pass motion. Previously, I had to take tablets for earlier defecations.

This time, it was real. I felt a feeling of freedom from constipation altogether. From the very next day, I never experienced chest pain again, even once. My appetite was keen and I began to eat well!

It was as if all of a sudden, I became 15 years younger! Energy seemed to flood all through my body cells. I began walking well. I worked as efficiently like when I was a twenty year young girl!

There are absolutely no symptoms of any heart disease now. I sleep very well during nights and I wake up early with so much freshness!

My diabetes is under better control. I take much reduced dosage of allopathic medicines. I now get so much confidence, that, after a few years, I may not need any medicine at all, even for this control.

Now I do not use any other medicines. I had all these good results from a single energy vibration treatment given by Mr. M. Sathiamurthi.

In fact, the world is full of hospitals and medicines. But more and more diseases crop up for which there are no answers in allopathic medicine. People waste so much money in these hospitals!

In this scenario, Bioenergetician M. Sathiamurthi's treatment not only gave relief from diabetes. It helped me cure my heart disease, blood circulation, neuropathy, body pain, neck pain, chest pain and sleeplessness!

I can not even visualize how and where the chest pains have gone!

All this happened to me in real life, and I strongly believe that Bioenergetician M. Sathiamurthi and his new treatment for diabetes are great boons or Gifts from God for mankind from the Heavens. This indeed is genuine!

Still many people do not know about this excellent new treatment. I wish that more people know about his treatment and benefit from his natural cure for diabetes and get cure for other chronic diseases.

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Heart Disease And
Other Chronic Diseases!

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Dec 11, 2009
Thrilling Experience
by: Filomina

It was quite thrilling and amazing to go through the narrations of Rajaamani. It reveals new possibilities of this energy treatment for multiple disorders and diseases.

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