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The Methods

If you want to treat diabetes, first you must have a correct diagnosis. It is the basis for your treatment.

That it is incurable questions the present diagnosis. It proves the inadequacy of its erstwhile methods.

Is there a better alternative? Your answer lies in the new diagnosis of Bioenergetics from Quantum Physics.

The New Diagnosis

It diagnoses your energy body, meridians, energy fields, and chakras. It finds out the root causes of your disease. It enables you to design an effective treatment with a natural cure. Kindly Read these actual Reports!

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Blood Glucose

While diagnosing your disease, your doctor measures your blood glucose, in milligrams per deciliter. He evaluates it from these readings if these are more, or less, to come to a conclusion. He confirms it by two methods.

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Fasting Sugar

The first important test measures your fasting blood sugar. your doctor measures it early in the morning, when your stomach is empty. You should not have had any food, or drinks, after your last night dinner.

Do not have coffee, tea, or smoke, till your tests are over. As it is on an empty stomach, you call it as fasting blood sugar, or fasting glucose test.

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Test Readings

If your fasting blood sugar reading is 70 to 100mg/dl, it is normal, and you are healthy. If it is 100 to 125 mg/dl, you have Pre-Diabetes. If it is above 140 mg /dl, your doctor confirms his suspicions, by a repeat test.

Your doctor takes into account your symptoms, illness, fever, and other findings. He also finds out if you are on any medications like steroids, or diuretics, as these will also increase your blood sugar levels.

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Glucose Tolerance

If your fasting blood sugar is above 140 gm/dl on two successive readings, you are suspected to be a diabetic. Your doctor performs another test to confirm if you're a diabetic. He calls it your oral glucose tolerance test.

The doctor makes you drink a solution of 75 gms of glucose dissolved in water. He will test how your body handles this, by testing your blood sugar after 30 minutes, one, two and three hours after you drink glucose.

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Diabetes Diagnosis
Normal Response

If you are healthy, as soon as you drink glucose, your blood sugar level increases sharply. But it comes down quickly to a normal level, by the action of your insulin, and absorption of glucose, by your body cells.

If two hours after your glucose drink, your blood glucose is less than 100 gms, you are not diabetic. If it is 200 mg/dl or more, you are diabetic.

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Differing Response

If you have pre-diabetes, your oral glucose tolerance reading will be 140 to 180mg/dl. Some fix it at 140 to 200 mg/dl. Both suggest a high risk for diabetes. In type 1 diabetics it remains high even after one or two hours.

It also remains high In type 2 diabetics and in diabetics with insipidus. It is 165gm/dl or more, in gestational-diabetics.


When compared to what is available in Bioenergetics, allopathic diagnosis-for-diabetes is highly inadequate. It only measures your blood glucose, and does not find out the ultimate cause for why your blood sugar stays high.

Bioenergetics achieves precisely this by its E Diagnosis. Diabetics may face life threatening situations. You have better options to ensure your safety in e diagnosis and energy treatment from bioenergetics!

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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