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Diabetes Complications cause painful hospitalization and account for deaths even after treatments.

Though one has taken decades of quality allopathic treatments, the death rates keep on increasing.

Diabetes strikes with deadly effect. It is found to be the fifth most frequent killer disease in the world.

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Inadequate Protection

The inadequate protection given by these treatments necessitates the need for a different new treatment to manage these complications and facilitate natural cures. Study these Amazing Cures!

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Finding Unknown Causes

Conventional medicine is not able to find the exact causes of diabetes. Therefore, it can not cure or prevent diabetes complications. E Diagnosis of Bio Energetics has come to your help in finding these causes.

E diagnosis finds them by scanning your energy body, energy fields, and their symmetry. By E Treatment it removes all kinds of your toxin blockages, providing relief and a natural cure.

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Two Types Of Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes complications. Short term and long term. The short term complications develop and occur suddenly within a short time. The long time complications develop after prolonged illness.

These are heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy, impotence, blindness, high cholesterol, and gangrene. And that can lead you to pathetic amputation of limbs!

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A person is said to have hyperglycemia when his blood sugar levels are abnormally high. In a healthy person the excess sugar from blood is driven into the body cells with the help of a hormone called insulin.

If the supply of insulin is insufficient or when it is ineffective, entry of sugar inside of body cells is inhibited. As a consequence, there is a high build up of sugar in the blood stream called hyperglycemia.

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Don't Miss Your Injections

It occurs if a patient misses taking his insulin injections. It can also occur when he does not take the prescribed dose of medicines. It can happen frequently to both diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 patients.

If you do not know that you have diabetes, and do not take treatment, you will get hypoglycemia, diabetic shock, diabetic coma. Your doctor finds it when you first go to hospital, for your treatment.

Hyperosmolar Syndrome

Hyperglycemia causes frequent urination, severe dehydration, energy starvation to all the organs, excretion of glucose and precious electrolytes through urine. It often leads to dizziness and diabetic coma.

Hyperglycemia can also lead to a life threatening condition in which the patient's blood becomes highly syrupy and viscous. This diabetes-complication is called diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome.


This is the opposite of hyperglycemia. Here the blood sugar falls to alarmingly low levels. If a patient takes an over dose of insulin injection, more sugar than the required amount is taken into the body cells.

Hypoglycemia occurs as a reaction to this excess dose of insulin. It is therefore, known as insulin shock. It causes dangerously low blood sugar levels and lead to diabetic coma. It is a complication of diabetes.

A Quick Sugar Fix Saves!

If the attack is mild, it may respond with a quick fix of sugar by swallowing sugar cubes, sweet or fruit juice. In its serious form it can cause severe disorientation and convulsions.

If not treated, the diabetic may slip into a coma and may also die. Therefore, it calls for expert medical attention on an emergency footing.

Diabetic Keto Acidosis

It is a common diabetes complication found in patients with diabetes type 1. Keto means pertaining to ketones. Acidosis means suffering from acidic state. Keto acidosis refers to build up of acidic ketones in blood.

It happens due to an infection elsewhere in the body or any severe stress. It also results from impaired glucose metabolism in the patient.

Build-Up of Acetones

When the body is not able to get its energy from glucose, it suffers with out enough energy to maintain its vital functions. Therefore, it resorts to break down fat and even proteins to meet its energy requirements.

Fat break down leads to formation of ketones. These are a group of body acids including acetone. The build up of acetone in blood is dangerous. It leads to keto acidosis, confirmed by presence of acetone in urine.

Skipping a meal or missing out on a dose of insulin, can also lead to diabetic keto acidosis. Left untreated, this can lead to diabetic coma and quickly become a medical emergency.

Hyperosmolar Non
Ketotic Coma

Hyper means excessive. Osmolar refers to draining of fluids through cell membranes due to concentration difference. It is called non ketotic because, it does not relate to keto acidosis.

Hyperosmolar Non Ketotic Coma is a disease which is characterised by by severe dehydration due to outward osmotic diffusion of fluid from the cells, and excessive sugar in blood. An acute illness can cause this.

Deranges Metabolism

Besides hyperglycemia, it is accompanied by loss of excessive water in urine, and loss of high volume of electrolytes. As a result, metabolism is severely deranged. The nervous system is also acutely affected.

It can further lead to coma and death if timely medical help is not available. A heart attack or stroke can also trigger this diabetes complication.

High Mortality

The disease leads to severe degeneration of metabolism and other diabetes complications if not properly treated. This complaint is associated with a high mortality rate in Diabetes type 2 patients.

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