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Ayurveda And Herbs

In India, Ayurveda and Siddha extol the use of many herbs for diabetes.

They use bread or rice based honey laden, vegetable rich diet to reduce the blood sugar in severe diabetics.

It has worked with success in India and in other foreign countries too. Take for example herbs in Honey!

Use of Honey

When you use honey, you get the benefits of many herbs. The honey bee sucks their essence and makes honey. Such a honey is used to treat diabetes. You mix their powders with honey, make it a paste, and eat it.

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Delayed Healing

The sages found the herb for diabetes, by sensing their vibes. But they did not transmit these vibes to cure patients. Herbs eaten orally has to suffer digestion, and travel 125000 KM along blood vessels to reach all your cells.

When only a few organs in your body needed the medicine in these herbs, it went to all the 60 trillion cells in your body. Little reached the target organs and most went to unwanted cells and organs causing side effects.

Therefore, it took longer for herbs to cause healing. It had less efficient therapeutic use. There was no means to select a healing frequency in a herb and transmit that frequency to the patient for quicker healing.

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Vibratory Use

From olden days, you find that people have been using herbs for diabetes. You did not have hospitals then. You had to be treated, using herbs only. It will interest you to know, how these herbs were discovered by man.

The ancients identified and classified these herbs by an instinct for their healing frequencies. This happened in all countries. This heritage offers to us the scope for using these herbs for transmitting their vibrations.

Achieve Better Healing

If we possess the ability to select and transmit the frequencies in these herbs for diabetes, we shall be able achieve better healing. This facility exists now in the E Treatment for diabetes, with Hi-Tech instruments.

We expose these herbs for diabetes before you. Your body registers a response for each frequency in these herbs. We find out what frequencies that you lost. We find out which herb contains your lost frequency.

Transmission Fixes Broken Links

Then we select and transmit that frequency to a chosen location in your Conception Vessel or Governor Vessel. When it goes into your body, it corrects the root cause disorders for your diabetes and other diseases.

To clarify this with an electrical analogy, it is like when a fuse is blown, we repair it by connecting the fuse wire. What ever lights were not burning in that circuit, will start to burn after fixing the blown fuse.

Herbs For Diabetes
New Developments

In the same way, we restore the lost and broken links in your body processes. We repair your energy channels, meridians, and chakras, by transmitting your most needed frequencies from these herbs.

This modern and highly scientific application of the diabetes herbs is a revolutionary development, in the world of medicine. If these methods are combined with allopathic medicine, you are sure to get better relief.

We have the best collection of herbs, from all over the world. First we select, the herbs you need, and at which frequencies, you need them. We then, transmit these frequencies into your energy fields, to cure you.

Detailed Reports

Transmission of healing frequencies from the herbs for diabetes has opened a new chapter in treatment and healing. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking e diagnosis and e treatment!

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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