Natural Cures For Diabetes

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Treasures In Nature

Ever wished there were natural cures for diabetes? Yes, There are. Only you have to recognize them.

The source for natural cures exists already in Nature. Like in its herbs, plants, roots, leaves, and minerals.

We employ the healing vibrations in these natural resources to cure the root cause disorders of any disease.

Abuse Of Nature

And it helps to cure your diabetes. By restoring the self healing powers in your body. Diabetes history says that it does not exist from the distant past. It came to man only when he began to lose his self healing powers.

My grand parents lived past 85 years and they never had any disease. Diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, and HIV are products of technological revolution. Abuse of Nature has given rise to these diseases.

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Harmful Radiations

With the spread of modern appliances of harmful radiations, man has shrouded himself in an obnoxious environment affecting his health. He is continuously robbing his vitality and committing a slow suicide.

Diabetes did not exist before centuries. It came as a bye product of the industrial revolution. Environmental pollution became the chief cause for diabetes, hyper tension, heart disease, cancer, and HIV.

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Increase Of Diseases

When we can pride ourselves for the scientific advancements in industrial and domestic applications of science and technology, there has always been a dark side, which threatens to rob our lives and vitality.

Why is it there are so many diseases haunting the human happiness? Why are these always on the increase? Why is it our scientific advancements could not reduce the killer diseases like diabetes and cancer?

Ocean Of Radiations

It is because, we have gone away from nature. We have stopped using our hands and legs. We have stopped manual labor. We live in self mad prisons of buildings with AC, electrical and electronic gadgets.

We live in an ocean of harmful radiations. Yes! Radiations from cell phones, radio activity, scanners, enemy satellites, nuclear reactors, explosions, and holocausts, which rob our health, planting seeds of killer diseases.

Technological Poisons

Every second, trillions of cell phone radiations attack our mind, brain and nervous system. We pollute our minds with improper use of television, computer, internet and information technology.

We poison our bodies and swallow chemicals in the names of medicines, which were mostly tested on rats, rabbits and monkeys and which are not fit even for their consumption.

In Tune With Nature

Even now we can find people in tribal communities, far from our modern civilizations, living past hundred with out any disease. You can still find yogis in Himalayan Valleys with sparkling youth and vigor despite old age.

The secret of their youth and disease resistance is that they live in tune with nature. There is some thing in nature, which cures man of all diseases, if alone he gives nature a chance.

Heritage Of Herbs

Nature gives its cures from the medicinal properties of plants, herbs, and vibes from the sun, moon, and the stars. As a kind mother, however we abuse it, it keeps feeding us with food in the form of plants and animals.

Therefore, if we desire to have natural cures for diabetes, we have to fall back upon our mother nature! Science and technology can also be put into beneficial use.

Emergence Of Bioenergetics

That is what has happened with Bio Energetics, which is part of our modern scientific development. Natural cures for diabetes can be had from the scientific use of plants, herbs and their essential oils.

There are many herbs like the neem, ginger, sage and ginseng! Man has been led to think that these can only be used by oral consumption. So far, we only knew to eat them as powders, extracts, and decoctions.

The New Treatment

It is only the new treatment from bioenergetics which has taught us that the healing power of these herbs come from their beneficial vibrations.

Just like there are trillions of species in nature, there are countless great number of beneficial waves, frequencies, and vibrations from these natural substances, which can be put to use in the natural cures for diabetes.

Yogic Wisdom

If you can cure your brain, endocrine glands, and nervous system by yoga why should you not use it to cure your diseases? Yes. it is good news that yogic kriyas, and asanas help you to get natural cures for diabetes.

Tap The Healing Powers

There are countless secret healing powers hidden in these herbs and plants. You only need scientific methods to identify these healing powers selectively to suit every one on an individual basis.

Because just like each one’s finger print is different, each human being needs a different wave length, frequency, or vibration to cure him.

Natural Cures For Diabetes

Science has sought to identify such unique healing frequencies which suit every patient and that has been made possible in the new treatment with the promise of natural cures for diabetes.

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