E Diagnosis Probes Into
Your Energy Fields

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Allopathic Diagnosis

E Diagnosis is very much different from an allopathic diagnosis done on you normally by your doctor.

He diagnoses your pulse, heart beat, and BP. He analyzes your blood, urine, semen, and feces.

He interprets the results, gives medicines, and continues till the test results are back to normal.

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Different Diagnosis

Our diagnosis is quite different. We study your energy body. An allopathic doctor diagnoses your physical body. Here we diagnose your ethereal body or energy body. It exists as an invisible aura inside and around you.

In this diagnosis, we study your energy channels, meridians, energy fields, chakras, & command points. We use scientific instruments like energy-tester and Lecher Antenna to scan your energy fields.

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It is the latest from scientific researches in bioenergetics. It is based on quantum physics and molecular biology. It uses advanced scientific instruments like the Lecher Antenna to scan your energy fields.

It scans into the energy fields within your energybody. It is where your your intelligence resides. If you enjoy perfect health, these energy fields have perfect symmetry. If your health is poor, this symmetry is affected.

Energy Diagnosis

It reveals if your energy fields have lost their symmetry. Every physical illness has a corresponding energy disorder within your energy fields. This diagnosis finds it out, measures it, and reveals what is wrong.

Whenever the energy flows are in deficit, it affects the symmetry. At that time the axis of an energy field shifts from its center to the right or left to cope up with the change. This shift reveals the extent of your disease.

Intelligence Guides

This diagnosis measures it with the Antenna. It is done with the help of your intelligence. When we scan with the Lecher Antenna at specific wave lengths, your intelligence gives us this feed back.

When we expose certain beneficial wave lengths to the energy body, your intelligence responds by approving or disapproving the selected vibration. We use this facility to find out what vibes you need to cure your disease.

Ting Point Readings

We also measures your Ting Points with the Energy Tester. It gives 24 Energy Readings. It reveals energy flows in 24 energy meridians. Any blockages in these energy flows is clearly revealed by these readings.

Root Cause Disorders

The field shifts discovered by the antenna and the blockages from Ting Point measurements reveal the root cause disorders for your disease. As and when these are cleared, a climate for natural cure develops in you.

Scientific Diagnosis

These disorders are never found in an allopathic diagnosis. This Diagnosis alone can find them. Its findings form the basis for our E Treatment by which we remove these root disorders and cure your disease.

E Diagnosis is scientific. It is based on the most modern sciences. It taps into your energy body, extract the answers, identify the root causes, and discover solutions to resolve these defects and cure your disease.

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No Radiations

In this new diagnosis, we do not use any magnets, electricity, oral medicines, or injections. We do not apply acupuncture. We do not employ any harmful radiations. There are absolutely no harmful side effects.


E Diagnosis finds out your command points which had lost their polarities. These points are in the plus or minus state of polarity for continuous energy flow. Your body uses them to reduce, or reroute energy flows.

If due to continued aggression such points had lost their polarities, energy flows in those meridians are permanently affected. These points are like blown fuses in an electric circuit. These need to be fixed.

Fixing Blown Fuses

E diagnosis finds out these blown fuses in your energy body. These develop due to aging, and attacks by cell phones, television, computer monitors, X Rays, geopathic stress, and other aggressions.

It identifies your energy disorders caused by leaking electricity, virus & bacterial infections, harmful radiation from earth, satellite signals, & radio activity, besides what you suffer by air, water, & food pollutions.

Sample Reports

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E-Diagnosis Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4, Report 5

Not In Allopathy

Allopathic Testing Methods, are not able to find out these energy related weaknesses, unless and until they learn and use our methods. Their diagnosis is not equipped to find these root causes. They miss out a lot!

That is why, allopathic and other methods fail to get, a lot valuable information in their diagnosis. Such undetected root causes, needing special attention, are revealed only by E Diagnosis in bioenergetics.

Mobile Analogy

In allopathy, they do not scan your energy fields or signals. E Diagnosis scans and transmits these signals to diagnose, treat and heal you.

Compare this. TV & cell phone vibes travel in space through out this universe. If you're able to intercept and receive these signals, you can hear a long distance call or see a hollywood super hit movie in your TV!

In the same way, we do remote scanning by e-diagnosis. We use advanced instruments. We follow highly scientific procedures. We use the feed back knowledge to design and effect a perfect energy treatment.

Future Methods Now!

E Diagnosis and E Treatment are the pre requisites for any correct diagnosis and treatment. Just like email replaced the postal mail, E Treatment will precede any diabetes treatment as a basic requirement.

Both e-diagnosis and e-treatment are highly scientific procedures of the modern times. When compared to E Treatment, others like allopathic and homeopathic treatments look like secondary, first aid medical measures.

Findings of E Diagnosis

In our new energy diagnosis, we find out loss of symmetry in your energy fields. We measure your toxin elimination in six ganglion levels. We also measure energy blockages in the important 24 energy meridians.

E Diagnosis finds out mistakes in the + or - charges of your energy channels and in their strengths. This new energy diagnosis also examines chakras in your crown, forehead, throat, solar plexus, and abdomen.

These measurements of e-diagnosis enable us to quickly and accurately identify the toxin blockages, which are the root causes for your diabetes. This kind of complete diagnosis is possible only in this energy treatment.

Personal or Remote?

If you're living away from India, you can have both e diagnosis & e treatment by remote methods. Both are effective. We do remote diagnosis & treatments for diabetes & other diseases with success!

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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