Get the Proof, we can save the world.

by A Real Doctor
(From: Ohio)

This sounds REALLY good. (Almost too good to be true)
But,.. as with all medicine there is no such thing as a cure for anything without proof.

I can type up a billion testimonials of people who say "it cured my cancer, made my teeth white, and fixed my missing toe" and without testing via the scientific method with proof via *indepenent double blinds* it means NOTHING.

So PLEASE put all your study info online so that I too can benefit from this amazing discovery without being worried that it's some kind of scam.

I have contacts with major newspapers and publishers the world over, if this actually works and It can be *Proven* to do so then I can get the word out to millions in a very short time. You would be able to train and certify other doctors on treatment and we could end the suffering of all those people in a short time.

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Nov 07, 2016
Scientific Explanation for e treatment
by: Sathiamurthi

Dear Doctor,

So sorry I did not reply to you earlier. I too am a scientist and an engineer from the IIT Madras which is an Institute of National Importance in India, where I studied under expert German Professors during 1967 to 1970. It was from them that I learnt the study of vibration with the Lecher Antenna. Now I use it to communicate with the human body energy fields. I have bioenergetic tester which measures the energy flow in the ting points of all the 24 meridians. I use the micro amp stimulator to make the body regain control of the deactivated acupuncture points. Tests are done before and after the treatment and the extent of cure is judged. If the energy axes are centered in your spinal column it means your energy fields are symmetrical around you. If the ting point readings are between 40 to 65, it means the blockages in the centripetal and centrifugal energy fields have been cleared. and the patient is well on his way to heal himself.
This auto healing facility is restored to the human body by this most wonderful treatment based on quantum physics resonance techniques. It is amazing to note that we can treat any one anywhere in the world by using techniques of distance treatment. I promise you that if you take this treatment yourself, you will not be disappointed. In fact you will feel younger by 20 years after I complete the treatment on you.

Thank you for your response. Sathiamurthi

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