Natural Cure For Diabetes
And Constipation

by Wan Y.

Bioenergetics - A Constipation Remedy?

1. I understand that one in four of diabetics is constipated. Do your diabetes patients often complain about constipation problems?

2. After reading the testimony of Raajamani,
I reckon you would recommend bioenergetics as the best constipation remedy?

3. I notice your treatment is different from what I read about bioenergetics which practices Reichian Therapy?

4. Every practitioner of alternative medicine have to contend with the criticism of quackery, what is your stand on this?

Reply By M. Sathiamurthi, India's No. 1 Bioenergetician

All your questions are replied at the end of this page. Scroll down and you will find my reply.

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And Constipation

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Nov 03, 2009
Natural Cure For Diabetes
Reply By Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

by: Anonymous

Diabetes And Constipation

Most of the diabetics are constipated but they do not know that. They reveal it only when they can not pass motion even once in 36 hours.

But these diabetics treated by bioenergetics say to me beamingly that they also got rid of their constipation. That their bowel movements are excellent after the treatment.

They become suddenly aware that they have been cured of habitual constipation lasting over several years.

Good For All Diseases

This treatment based on bioenergetics awakens and restores the self healing powers of your body. It helps to cure not only constipation, but also to cure most of the known and unnamed diseases.

These patients become so well after the treatment that they have less reasons to visit their allopathic doctors. These patients consider this treatment as the best treatment discovered in Science for any disease.

Is It Quackery?

No. It is not quackery. If you want I can address a gathering of renowned doctors and prove to them about the scientific aspects of my treatment by demonstrating it on the stage.

Scientific Measurements

I measure the patient's 24 energy meridian readings before and after the treatment.

I measure energy axis shifts in all the chakra levels along the conception vessel meridian before and after the treatment.

I measure the alignment of the brain related energies in major locations before and after the treatment.

Confirm Improvements

I show that there are significant improvements in the patient's meridian readings after the treatment. This proves that the treatment is real and effective.

I show that after the treatment, each and every energy axis is realigned with the center of the patient's body. This proves that the treatment is real and effective.

It Is All Real

This treatment is as real as 2 + 2 makes 4. Therefore, I am not scared of complaints of quackery.

Ignorant people who have no knowledge of bioenergetics may call it as quackery. I pity them as they will never benefit from this most advanced scientific treatment.

M. Sathiamurthi
India's No. 1 Bio energetician

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