Scientific Background
Of  E Treatment
Or Energy Treatment

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Energy Treatment

E Treatment is done by transmitting healing vibes to your body from medicinal herbs and essential oils.

This treatment is a unique gift of technological excellence in quantum physics and molecular biology.

There are no pills or injections! Vibes with healing powers enter your body and cure your disease.

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Analogy Of Email

E Treatment reaches you like E Mail. In this analogy, a message comes from a distance and lands in your computer. This treatment reaches your body just like that email message, works there, and cures your disease.

It is also known as Energy Treatment. It rectifies your body energy fields by transmitting medicinal vibes to select locations on your body. It sends the healing vibes into your energy fields, and energy body, enabling cure.

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Scientific Basis

This Energy Treatment is based on scientific principles of bioenergetics, and the The DNA. It treats your DNA, each and every cell in your body, and your energy fields, by inducing innate mechanisms of self healing.

It employs the theory of dissipative structures in its transmissions. It uses the fact that water memorizes and restores frequencies. It uses this principle to transmit vibes from herbs, essential oils, and dilute solutions.

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Scientific Proof

This Treatment identifies vibes by measuring frequencies which cure an illness based on the above sciences. It employs scientific principles from Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine & energy concepts of Acupuncture!

Intelligent Dialogue!

It is based on the scientific discovery that you can communicate with the intelligence in your energy body by quantum physics techniques. We use this scientific dialogue to discover all the disorders in your physical body.

Healing By Transmission

E Treatment employs healing vibes from herbs & essential oils. Using quantum physics techniques, it transmits these vibes to any location on your body, and produces cures in personal & distance treatments.

This is the first treatment in medical history to identify, measure, and transmit healing vibes to long distances to cure diseases in your body.

Scientific Use Of Colors

This treatment also employs colors to cure diseases. Colors are electro magnetic vibes with frequencies. It uses the frequencies in the color vibes to restore the missing frequencies in your energy fields to cure you.

You may know that toxin blockages cause most of your diseases. This treatment employs colors to remove these blockages facilitating cures.

Scientific Realignment
Of Energy Fields

Bioenergetics confirms that any breakdown in your energy body and your DNA communications prevents cures. Your body reveals it as a shift in its energy field symmetry. This shift is the root cause for all diseases!

E Treatment realigns your energy fields, restores energy field symmetry, and awakens self healing powers. It restores immunity. It empowers your DNA to defend, repair, enable auto management, and cure your disease!

It restores energy flow in all your meridians. It vitalizes all your body cells. It enables you to fight internal and external aggressions. It brings back your powers to conquer disease by scientific techniques.

Scientific Measurements
In E Treatment!

E Treatment finds out with Lecher Antenna, the loss of symmetry in your energy fields. It finds out your toxin elimination efficiency, blockages in your energy meridians, and loss of polarities in all your energy channels.

It investigates by E Diagnosis your five major chakras. It finds out brain disconnections and endocrine disorders. It finds out mental blockages and organic time lags. It finds out your infections, tumors and cancers.

These measurements enable you to quickly and accurately locate your blockages, and the root causes for all your diseases. This scientific energy treatment is fully equipped to correct all these disorders and heal you!

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