Role Of Your Energy Body
In Healing Diabetes

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Role of Energy Body

In E Diagnosis and E Treatment for diabetes, we employ the powers of your energy body to heal you.

Your Energy Body is constituted by electromagnetic energy fields, where your Intelligence resides and works.

This energy body is present inside you and also around your physical body. It exists and functions there.

Information Technology

We employ a new information technology to elicit info from your energy body and intelligence. We ask specific questions and get information from your intelligence which guides us on how to proceed in your treatment.

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New Diagnostic Information

Your energy body functions like the most powerful transmitter and receiver of energy vibrations, and signals. It radiates through out your cellular systems. It also radiates through out the outer space around your body.

It collects the so far undiagnosed, new information about all disorders causing your diabetes from your energy fields. It stores this data, in its memory, in electromagnetic coded formats, and informs your intelligence.

Scans And Records Weaknesses
In Diabetes

It looks after your body's internal defense, communications, patrolling, and organization. It takes care of transmitting, and rerouting of vital energy in your body using its chakras, meridians, channels, and ganglions.

It obeys your intelligence, and scans with its beams, your entire cellular system. It also scans the outer space. It looks for and identifies the effects of internal and external aggressions, affecting your body.

In this process, it captures and permanently records all the information about the root causes for your disease, triggered by these aggressions. These leave prints in your energy body which it retrieves by scanning.

Stores Data

When your body suffers from diabetes or any other disease, there is always a root cause for this. This information is recorded and stored safely, as electronic data in the memory banks of your energy body.

If we possess the ability to scan your energy body and interpret this data, then we shall be able to find out the real root causes behind your disease.

When you undergo the new diagnosis, we scan your energy fields and obtain this information by our scientific investigations. It gives us data on the missing links of the jig-saw puzzle on the root causes for your disease.

Identifies Real Causes

When does your body acquire any disease? It acquires a disease when it is over whelmed by internal or external aggressions. At that time, your body loses some of its powers while defending against these aggressions.

Now, what are these powers that your body loses? If we discover that, we have found out your real causes for that disease. We discover this for all your diseases, by the new diagnosis, of your chakras and meridians.

Scans All Weaknesses

Your energy body remembers all the electromagnetic imprints of the weaknesses caused by aggressions. We collect this information as a feed back from your intelligence, in our E Diagnosis for your diabetes.

Unlike in allopathy, we find out all the missing diagnostic data on your weaknesses by E Diagnosis. These are never diagnosed or diagnosable in allopathic methods. We use this to control your disease and heal you.

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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