Know Signs Of Diabetes To         Avoid Its Complications

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Signs Of Diabetes

The signs of diabetes are excessive thirst, excessive urination, excessive appetite, blurred vision, & foot pain.

If you think you have good health, and want to avoid diabetes, then you should be alert to notice these most important warning signs.

Medical Terminology

Medically you are said to have polydipsia, polyurea, and polyphagia. All three signs of diabetes demand expert medical attention. You may also experience delay in healing wounds, fatigue, blurred vision, and numbness.

Do Not Ignore Symptoms of Diabetes!

Inviting Complications

When you ignore these signs for diabetes, the disease takes deeper roots affecting each and every cell in your body. As a result, you delay your treatment, delay your recovery and invite a host of future complications.

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Excessive Thirst
Or Polydipsia

If you are excessively thirsty, know that you may have diabetes. In that case, your blood picks up dangerously high amounts of glucose. Your body tries to dilute it, makes you thirsty, and wants you to drink more water.

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Excessive Urination
Or Polyurea

If you have the urge to pass urine too often, then too you may have diabetes. When you drink water repeatedly, your blood gets an excess of water as well. Desperate to get rid of this, it causes frequent urination.

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Excessive Hunger
Or Polyphagia

If you feel constantly hungry, it may be one of your signs of diabetes. As a diabetic, your cells get too little of glucose from your blood. With out enough glucose, how will your cells produce the required energy for you?

Therefore, though you eat well, you do not get enough energy. Your body kindles more appetite in you in the hope that eating will solve this problem. But as food does not become energy, you are often excessively hungry.

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Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is one of your alarming signs of diabetes. It occurs as your sugar laden blood sucks out liquids from your inner eye membranes and cells. If you have blurred vision, know that it is a precursor for blindness.

Signs Of Diabetes

If you feel numb in your feet and fingers, you may have diabetes. Numbness is one of its signs. Diabetes damages your blood capillaries and nerves. It affects your ability to feel sensations and you feel numb.

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Burning Pain

When you have diabetes the peripheral blood flow to your nerves and capillaries are affected. This makes you suffer burning pain in feet and fingers. This and a pins and needles sensation are signs that you've diabetes.

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Erectile Dysfunction

If ever you experience an inability to maintain erection, that may be one of your sign of diabetes. You feel the desire for sex. But, when you try, you suffer loss of erection. Ignoring these failures can lead to impotence.

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Ignoring signs of diabetes leads to blood vessel disease, heart disease, strokes, blurred vision, blindness, diabetic neuropathy, impotence, numbness in lower limbs, and burning pain in legs, feet and fingers.

You may get other complications like hyper tension, high cholesterol levels, diabetic keto-acidosis, non ketotic coma, and hyperosmolar syndrome. Diabetic neuropathy can lead to amputations of legs, feet or fingers.

Look For These Signs

If you are a parent, you should know these signs and symptoms well to recognize them in you and your children. It helps you to take the new diagnosis and the latest treatment for correcting and preventing diabetes.

Detailed Reports

Allopathic testing may help, but that alone is not enough. The symptoms of diabetes are warning signals about deep disorders in your energy channels, meridians and energy fields, or in your brain, endocrines and heredity.

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