Role Of Aggression Causing Diabetes & Chronic Diseases

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Aggressing Elements

The aggressions you face are both internal and external. The internal ones can be hereditary or genetic.

The external ones are infections, vaccines, medicines, heavy metals, pesticides, air, water, and food.

You get aggressed by radiations from earth, space, satellites, mobile phones, computers or radio activity.

Electrical & Electronic

Electricity, electrical, electronic, magnetic, or Wi-Fi gadgets aggress you. Mental issues like hatred, loss, love and grief can also aggress you.

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Harmful Radiations

You are continuously bombarded by one aggression or another. Spying satellites, Cell phones, X Rays, cathode rays, computer monitors, micro waves, and your credit cards, can harm you with offensive radiations.

It afflicts your body & mind. It constantly weakens you, saps your vitality & robs your body defense. This sets the scenario to weaken your immune system & develop chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer.

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Harmful Effects

Every moment, one or another evil harms your brain, nervous systems, endocrine glands, and cellular regeneration. It affects your mind, memory, libido, sexual abilities, creativity and productivity.

Every aggressive element leaves its imprints in your body energy fields. As your energybody scans your cellular system, it finds these imprints, and reports to your intelligence as to what's gone wrong, how, & where.

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Loss Of Defense

When your body is aggressed, it reacts protectively by discarding some frequencies, which favor the aggressor. If these are your self defense healing frequencies, you have lost some of your important body defense.

Fire Escape

Engulfing Fire aggresses you. When you escape from fire, you throw away clothes that increase the fire risk. Like wise, your body discards a few health frequencies to protect you when faced by aggressive forces.

It is a defense reaction. Though these essential frequencies constitute your body defense, your body discards them since these frequencies also favor those aggressive forces which cause various diseases in your body.

Your body discards such defense, in the hope to get it back, when the emergency is over. But, what happens when it is overwhelmed by these aggressive forces? It is not able to re-establish its lost body defense.

Restore Frequencies

An aggression triggers loss of your self defense. This loss makes you suffer attacks from radiations, bacteria, viruses, & infections. It affects the functions of your brain, pancreas, endocrine glands, and your liver.

Unless we restore this lost defense, we can not cure a patient. Allopathic methods do not have any facility to diagnose this loss of defense. It is in the lost frequencies, which allopathy is not able not restore to your body.

It is here that we help you from bioenergetics, in our energy diagnosis and energy treatment. We find out which frequency you lost and put it back into your body energy fields restore your defense, and symmetry.

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Removes Evil Effects

An aggression makes you lose your health frequencies. To regain health, you need to get back whatever you lost. We restore these from essential oils and herbs, by transmitting matching frequencies, by Lecher Antenna.

The oil or herb is your healing source. It contains the healing vibration in excess. We find out by scanning, if your body has a deficit and a need for this. Then we effect the transmission by techniques of quantum physics.

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Cell Phone Analogy

To use the analogy of cell phones, it is like the transmission of your sms message, from your mobile to another. Or it is like, when you transfer a holly wood movie in its data form, to a television in a different continent.

Healing electromagnetic data in its vibration state contained in the healing source of medicine is transmitted on to specific locations, on to your command points, along the Conception Vessel and Governor Vessel.

These are your fuse points or weakened points, which lost their natural positive or negative charges, due to loss of frequencies during an aggression. Energy Treatment fixes these fuses, & restores order.

Aggression Saps

One or the other aggression saps your vitality, and makes you suffer diabetes, and chronic diseases. Ensure your safety by energy diagnosis and energy treatment, from bioenergetics!

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