Know  Symptoms Of Diabetes    
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Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Warning Signs

Symptoms of Diabetes are your body's warning signs asking for immediate help.

If you do not have enough knowledge about diabetes, you may not notice them at all.

This article explains to you in detail all about these symptoms.

Common Symptoms

The most common symptoms that you see are frequent urination, excess thirst, excessive appetite, weight loss, slow healing of wounds, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, and depression. It all begins with frequent urination.

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Frequent Urination

In the early stages of diabetes, you may not take any treatment at all. Therefore your symptoms of diabetes flare up and if you know what to look for, become easily noticeable. The foremost is frequent urination.

If you have diabetes, your body cells do not absorb enough glucose from your blood. Therefore your blood glucose shoots up to dangerous levels. Your body defends you, by depleting this excess, by frequent urination.

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Symptoms of Diabetes
Excessive Thirst

It is easy for you to see the logic behind your high degree of thirst. It is one of your early symptoms for diabetes. As such, frequent urination depletes too much water. Your body wants you to replace it immediately.

It has a need to always maintain, a constant amount of body water. You are already losing too much water through urination. Therefore, your body gives you excessive thirst to replace this loss by making you drink water.

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Excessive Appetite

If you are wolfishly hungry too often, it may be one of your early diabetes symptoms. You become hungry when you starve. You may eat well, but your food is not used up for energy. Therefore you are constantly hungry.

All that you eat only increases your blood sugar. It is not used up by your body cells to produce energy. Your entire body is energy starved. This defeats the very object of your eating. It leads to the excessive appetite.

Most Common Questions

Loss Of Weight

Weight loss is one of your other symptoms of diabetes. This disease makes you lose weight by energy starvation. Your entire body suffers with out energy. To save vital functions it produces energy by using up body fats.

It consumes the fat from your muscles and other fat stores in your body. Yet it is never enough to satisfy your gigantic energy requirements. Your whole body becomes emaciated and consequently you lose body weight.

Fatigue & Depression

With out energy you become tired and weak. Every thing irritates you. Your brain functions suffer without enough glucose. It affects your mind. Therefore you withdraw into yourself and suffer mental depression.

Slow Healing Wounds

Every day hundreds of diabetics suffer amputations due to gangrene. Your cuts, sores, or wounds, take longer to heal, than for others. It happens as your sugar rich blood prevents healing and favors gangrene formation.

Depression and Slow Healing are among the other symptoms of diabetes.

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