Obesity  And Diabetes Now Treated By Bioenergetics!

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Obesity And Diabetes

Are you obsessed with Obesity and Diabetes? Do you long for a shapely body and obesity prevents it?

Obesity is an evil by itself.

When combined with diabetes, it worries you with more deadly consequences to your health.

Risks Are More

If you already have diabetes, and you have obesity as well, these risks are even more. This combination can lead you to life threatening situations. It affects your family, and your peace of mind. In fact, it shortens your life!

Relief From Chronic Diseases
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Cause Of Chronic Diseases

This combination of obesity & diabetes leads to chronic conditions like cardio vascular disease and heart disease. It can make you suffer hyper tension, strokes, kidney disease, high cholesterol, gall stones, and cancer.

What is Obesity And BMI?

What is obesity? When you have a body mass index of 18.5 to 25, you are not over weight or obese. If your BMI is above 25 and below 30, you are over weight. When your BMI is more than 30 you are said to be obese.

To understand obesity and diabetes, you should know what is BMI. It is your body weight in kilo grams divided by the square of your height in meters. Or, it is your weight in kg per height in meter square. BMI = W/h2.

Obesity And Diabetes
Higher BMI

Suppose you weigh 100 kilos and you are 2 meters tall. Your BMI is calculated as (100 divided by 2 X 2) = 100 / 4 = 25. It is 25. Your BMI plays a significant role in assessing the risks of obesity and diabetes.

If you have obesity with diabetes, you must know the dangers of a higher BMI. If you have a BMI of 30 and above, it shortens your life. It makes you suffer even more chronic diseases like heart disease and kidney disease.

Provokes Energy Field

When you have diabetes and obesity, it leads to field shifts in your body energy fields. It makes you suffer heart blocks, cysts, polyps, stones, cellular disorders and cancer. It can affect any of your vital organs.

Not only that. If you are obese and if your BMI is above 35, your chances to develop diabetes are 20 times more. If your BMI is 25 to 30, you have higher chances to develop hyper tension, high cholesterol, and gall stones.

Look For New Methods

If you really want to control diabetes and obesity, you have to keep your BMI in the healthy range of 18.5 to 25. You can achieve that by opting for new treatment methods like e treatment, in mosern science, bioenergetics.

You should consider having a scientific diabetes diagnosis and natural cure methods. You can take E diagnosis and E Treatment. Both are non invasive scientific methods and do not use oral medicines or injections.

You are Not Alone!

It may shock you to know from facts about obesity and diabetes that 61 % of American diabetics are already obese. It is more than 97 million American adults. It was just 45 % or 40 million before seven years in 1991.

It has been scientifically proved that obesity leads to diabetes and it is confirmed by wide prevalence of diabetes among this obese population. Obesity and diabetes are like sisters who like to co exist together.

Cause Of Premature

Obese persons develop diabetes 20 times faster than normal people. They also develop blood vessel disease, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and strokes. These chronic diseases shorten any one’s life span.

If you have Obesity & diabetes it leads to kidney failure, amputations and blindness. Your body cells do not respond to insulin and other disease prevention hormones. It leads to even more chronic conditions and death.


If you really want to prevent these diseases, you have to change your life style from this very moment with your diets, exercise, habits and your life style. Prevent obesity, avoid chronic diseases and possess radiant health.

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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