Causes of Diabetes Type 2         Energy Field Disorders

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Hidden Causes

In causes of diabetes, you can have deeper problems in your body other than the commonly known causes.

We call them your hidden causes. These hidden causes provoke your diabetes and many other problems.

These surface problems are known as pancreatic disorders and insulin defects in a patient with diabetes.

Root Cause disorders

Then, which are the root disorders that constitute the hidden causes for your diabetes? And where are they hidden? We shall find them out here.

Resolve Them First

These are the deep seated defects in your body energy fields. These are also hidden in other organs, systems, functions or in your energy body. You have to find and rectify these first, to prevent diabetes complications.

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Other Origins

You can have many origins for the hidden causes for diabetes. These may spring from your heredity, genetics, endocrines, neurology and break down of radio communication from your brain to various regions in your body.

Brain Disorders

You know that that your entire body is controlled by your brain. Every organ and function in your body has a corresponding center in the brain. If there is a brain disconnection, that may be a hidden cause.

If you have a brain disconnection between your brain and pancreas, it can cause pancreatic disease and insulin defects, making you diabetic. To be explicit, that brain disconnection is one of your hidden causes.

Neurology Disorders

Your whole body is connected by nerves for communication by signals. If these signals encounter a blockage, many functions in your body will be affected. It can cause any disease. It can be one of these hidden causes.

Hormone Disorders

Your hypothalamus and Pituitary control other glands like pancreas. Pituitary achieves this control with a total secretion of 10 -6 gm. If this secretion varies even in small ways, chaos will result in body processes.

And this can constitute one of the hidden causes for diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes
Metabolic Disorders

When the secretions from these glands exceed the limits or fall below the mark, the body suffers from many organic and metabolic disorders. These may trigger problems in pancreas or contents of blood causing diabetes.

Energy Field Disorders

According to bioenergetics, energy field shifts can be the hidden causes of diabetes. During such times, the body is short of energy and can not distribute optimal quantities of energy to all the organs and functions.

This causes a series of disorders in your body which are not understood by allopathic medicine. Such defects affect your pancreas, blood and glucose metabolism and become the hidden causes of your diabetes.

Hidden Causes Revealed

The New treatment finds out these hidden causes of diabetes by moden science bioenergetics and its E Diagnosis. It gives better control of diabetes and lays the grounds for a natural cure, by the new E Treatment.

E Treatment works on scientific communications with the intelligence in your body. Using this we extract precise information about the hidden causes of diabetes. E Treatment removes these root causes effectively.

Why Others Fail

Do you Know why other treatments fail to prevent diabetes complications? They are not able to find out these hidden causes. By God's Grace Bioenergetics has come to help you with its E Diagnosis and E Treatment.

You must ensure your own safety by rectifying these hidden causes of diabetes by taking our diagnosis and treatment.

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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