Natural Cure For Diabetes
How I Got Relief

My name is Ratnam. I am from Salem in India. I am a Government Officer. I am aged 52. I was suffering from Diabetes Type 2. I was under regular medicines from my doctor.

But, though I had some relief, it was not up to my expectation.

I often felt tired and at times a feeling of giddiness engulfed me. I felt very weak. In fact, I felt weaker day by day. My breakfast table contained all the good foods. But what is the use?

Only whatever I should not eat was present before me. I could not eat what I want. I used to think, what kind of a life is this? Is it worth living, I thought.

I was afraid of developing some kind of diabetes complications. I had a feeling that I had a silent killer disease, which might attack me and finish my life at any time.

I was not satisfied with the allopathic medicines. I felt giddy even though I took them as per my doctor's advice. Therefore, I decided to try E Treatment, which is a new treatment for diabetes.

I met Mr. M. Sathiamurthi who does Energy Treatment in India. He is famous here as India's No. 1 Bioenergetician. He diagnosed me with his new methods, and found many new defects in my body. These were never found out during my regular allopathic diagnosis.

He said, if I corrected those defects, and continued my allopathic medications, with altered dosages, I would have lots of remarkable improvements in my health.

I agreed for the treatment. When I took the treatment I was not given any new medicines or injections. He used his latest scientific instruments with which he transmitted energy frequencies.

These healing frequencies were chosen and transmitted on to me from his personal collection of medicinal herbs.

He sort of seemed to talk to my body. He seemed to receive some signals and replies from my intelligence. He found out which herb was required to correct which disorder.

He found out as to how these are to be applied, at which frequencies, and as to which locations in my body.

The transmissions were done on to specific locations at several command points in my conception vessel and Governor Vessel.

The treatment lasted for about four hours during which there were energy transmissions from herbal medicines. At the end, he verified if all my vital organs were properly balanced energetically.

He found out a few command points in my body, which were deactivated, and which my body could not revive by itself. He corrected the polarities of those points.

He told me that he had cleared most of the blockages in my energy lines. And also that new life energy was now freely flowing in all my 24 energy channels.

He told me that the other blockages would clear by themselves, by the renewed self healing powers in my body due to E Treatment.

He asked me to come back after a fortnight. In the mean time, I experienced a lot of changes in my body. I felt stronger and even younger. I did not have the feeling of giddiness at all.

I started to wonder, whether I was really having diabetes. My health was so much improved. Previously, I used to often brood about my disease.

But after the treatment, that type of sick feeling never came to me.

I could get better relief from diabetes, with reduced dosages of allopathic medicines. I had a healthy appetite, I ate well and I also slept better.

The people around me were astonished about the changes in my personality. They asked me what special aphrodisiac I took and from which secret source. I told them about my new Treatment.

I felt younger and I was able to enjoy sex, like when I was young. I woke up earlier, enjoyed my exercise, food, sex and sleep. My whole life has changed after the miraculous E Treatment!

I took only two more follow up treatments from him. These were quite enough and I felt satisfied with the relief. I enjoyed a personal feeling of intrinsic wellness.

Then I understood the real reasons for my improvements. I was not only suffering from diabetes, but I also had many other enegy disorders in my energy body.

These disorders were in my energy channels, energy meridians and energy command points. These disorders were never revealed or cured by allopathic diagnosis and treatments.

These weaknesses were oppressing me by preventing relief from my diabetes. E Treatment had cured all these energy disorders, my allopathic medicines started working better!

With even smaller dosages and I am enjoying a thoroughly new life!

I am sure that E Treatment corrects a number of root causes for all types of diseases including diabetes. Now I recommend it to other friends, who also enjoy similar experiences of personal cure.

Certain things in life can be understood, only if you experience them. I feel that it is a good treatment which gives excellent relief from the evils of not only diabetes, but from other diseases as well.

Now, I feel confident that I will not develop any diabetes complications, even in future! I am always thankful to E Treatment and to Mr. M. Sathiamurthi, the No. 1 Bioenergetician from India.

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How I Got Relief

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Nov 22, 2009
e treatment
by: jesus l. taberdo

so, what is e treatment? How is it done? whom and where to contact? how much will it cost?

Reply by Dr. M. Sathiamurthi. To know more information, you have to apply through the contact us page or "apply for e treatment" page in this web site.

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