Evil Effects of Diabetes Corrected By E Treatment

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Evil Effects Prevail

The evil effects of diabetes keep on spreading through out the world. They have become a global threat.

We have spent billions of dollars in medical research to prevent this killer disease from getting worse.

But are we really in control of this disease? Statistics reveal that we are not so safe from its evil effects.

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Increasing Deaths

No. Not yet. Incidence of death is ever increasing due to the the evil effects of diabetes. Slowly but surely the evil effects show up in your blood vessels, nerves, eyes, heart, kidneys, feet, and sexual organs.

After insulin came in 1920, the disease is some what under control. But insulin alone is not able to in preventing these complications of diabetes. It does not reduce the number of deaths due to diabetes either.

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Spectrum of Diabetes
Related Diseases

Diabetics continue to suffer world wide, from heart disease, strokes, hyper tension, kidney disease, diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy, diabetic coma, blindness, and impotence, even after getting the best medical treatments.

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Unrelenting Diabetes

When you visit the research centers for diabetes, you find patients coming there for decades. It confirms that there was no cure during all these years. Most of them have also developed a few diabetes complications.

It proves the inadequacy of existing diagnostic and treatment procedures. You need advanced methods. You have such procedures in the modern science of Bio Energetics! Look here for actual scientific Diagnosis Reports!

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Diabetes Causes
Nerve Damage

Many undergo acute suffering caused by diabetic neuropathy. It causes burning feeling, pins and needles sensation, and unbearable pain in the extremities, fingers and feet. The pain is excruciating and intolerable.

These evil effects of diabetes are further complicated by numbness. A wound or sore refuses to heal, suffers tissue death and becomes a source of gangrene. This leads to amputation of fingers, feet or entire legs.

Diabetes Causes Blood
Vessel Diseases

Due to your diabetes, excess sugar in blood thickens blood vessel capillaries causing atherosclerosis. Fat molecules and other substances stick to the inner capillary walls, and reduce the passage for blood flow.

This forms clots preventing free flow of blood through these blood vessels. It leads to blood vessel diseases like hyper tension or high blood pressure. These are killer diseases which manifest as the evil effects of diabetes.

Most Common Questions

Strokes And Heart

If a blood clot stops blood supply to brain, even for a few seconds, it can result in a fatal stroke or paralysis. If it blocks blood supply to the heart muscle, it can result in a massive heart attack and death.

Diabetes slowly leads to all types of blood vessel disorders. The evil effects of diabetes can cause many diseases in your heart and ultimately lead to heart failure. Deaths due to these diseases are alarmingly high.

Diabetes And Impotence

Impotence is due to the lack of blood surge into the fine capillaries of the penis, to be retained there to sustain erection. This is another diabetic blood vessel disorder due to restricted passage in capillaries for blood.

The necessary dynamism for the surge of blood into penis is missing from the hormones and nerve signals required for the blood surge. Impotence is the most delicate and sensitive among the evil effects of diabetes.

Diabetes And Blindness

Excess sugar in your diabetes makes the blood viscous and syrupy. It needs water to regain normal consistency. Therefore, your blood stream sucks water from its surroundings through the outer cell membranes.

When this happens in the eye it drains out water through the delicate membranes of the eyes. It results in blurred vision. Prolonged illness can lead to blindness. Blindness is another of the evil effects of diabetes.

Diabetes And Kidney

Another major illness is kidney disease. When the capillaries do not deliver enough blood, it restricts the supply of oxygen to the kidney cells which die. This results in permanent damage to kidney cells and kidney disease.

It leads to a pathetic life with frequent dialysis, further kidney damage and a host of other diseases due to poor filtration and cleaning of blood. Among evil effects of diabetes, kidney disease hastens misery and death.

Diabetes And Obesity

Diabetes is further complicated by obesity. Obesity is a pre cursor to diabetes in pre diabetes and diabetes type 2. It can lead to chronic diseases, high LDL or bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, and strokes.

Conventional Methods
Not Enough

When you have diabetes or any other disease, you have an accumulation of lymphatic, vibratory and cellular toxins. These are to be eliminated by a detoxification process, which is not at all there in allopathic treatments.

The evil effects of diabetes are on the increase. Why? If you think, you will realize that some defects had escaped attention from allopathic diagnosis and these root causes have not been found and treated at all!

Allopathic diagnosis does not even have the remotest knowledge of these defects. Then, how can they look for and discover them? Unless these are identified and rectified, how can they effect a cure for your diabetes?

E Treatment is Based On
Scientific Foundation

E Treatment is based on principles of bioenergetics, quantum physics, and vibratory transmission of medicinal waves, into the human body to cause real healing. It finds out all those undiscovered defects and rectifies them.

E Treatment is also based on principles of advanced molecular biology, DNA Behavior and Genetics. Transmission of missing vibrations, causes resonance and reactivates a series of healing vibration in the patient.

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Of Diabetes!

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