Cure From Chronic Bowel Incontinence

by George Vincent
(Sydney Australia)

I am George Vincent from Sydney, Australia. I own a couple of oil mills. My son George Adams is 15 years now. He had been suffering from chronic bowel incontinence and urinary incontinence from his birth.

I was not able to keep him in any school because of these complaints. With out warning, he used to shit in his pants and urinate as well. No school would have him for long.

Bowel Incontinence and bladder incontinence affected his self confidence and education. He also suffered from bulimia. He used to eat like a giant. But he was not obese. He had the normal looks of his age.

We could not put him on bed at nights, as he would soil it by his fecal incontinence, and urine. He had to sleep with sparse clothing on rubber sheets. He slept with out knowing that he soiled his sheets.

We could not take him with us for any family visits. His bowel incontinence would force him to defecate and urinate in his pants, embarrassing every one. We were ashamed of the whole situation.

In studies too, he was dull. If other students answered twenty questions, he would answer four or five, that too not correctly.

At times, he forgot his purpose. If he entered the bath, he would go on bathing till we make him stop. He would forget that he should complete his bath and he would forget the whole world.

We tried all kinds of treatments to cure his urinary and bowel incontinence. To our dismay, nothing would help. We tried the best hospitals and took expensive treatments. But, there was no remedy!

The allopathic doctors who treated him admitted failure. We tried Homeopathy. We treated him from the best homeopathic doctors. This too proved unsuccessful.

We tried Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Even after extended treatments by acupuncture, he did not get any relief from his urinary and bowel incontinence. There were absolutely no improvements.

We tried Herbal Medicine. Here too, no one could help him by resolving his problems. Soon the doctors would avoid him for further visits, for he would soil their clinics due to incontinence.

We had to bring these doctors to our home for the treatments. But every doctor who treated him would eventually admit his inability to improve his condition of bowel incontinence in any way

We tried psychiatry. No amount of counseling or medication could cure him. The psychiatrists could not find the cause or cure for his disease! Psychologically, he was all right.

All his Diagnosis, CT Scans, X rays, MRI , Blood Urine, Motion, Saliva, and Semen reports said that our son was perfectly normal in the medical sense. But how then he had urinary and bowel incontinence?.

Some thing to do with his defective gene or heredity was their unified conclusion. We tried prayers, worship and even tried hypnotism. Nothing seemed to work!

It was then we heard about this new treatment for diabetes. We heard that this new treatment cured several chronic diseases besides diabetes. It was called E Treatment done by Dr. M. Sathiamurthi, in India.

Finally took our son to India for E Treatment. He diagnosed our son for about twenty minutes and told us to boldly try his treatment. He said his treatment could cure bowel incontinence!

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