Natural Cure For Diabetes
Cure Heredity Disorders

by M. Sathiamurthi, India's No. 1 Bioenergetician
(Salem, India)

 M. Sathiamurthi, India's No. 1 Bioenergetician

M. Sathiamurthi, India's No. 1 Bioenergetician

Email To Client: Dear Gladys, I just completed the first procedure on you and 20 other procedures in Natural Cure For Diabetes. I have also removed a genetic weakness which was unable to control your heredity.

It was in the mineral structure. I have removed that.

You had heredity weaknesses, which you had inherited through your parents. You also had anteriority weaknesses which your gene got from your forefathers. I discovered and removed them successfully.

I found negative memories in your energy, hormonal system, and nervous systems. I have erased these successfully. Your body cells too carried lots of negative memories, and I have I removed them.

You had ailments due to magnetic pollution. I have removed these.

Your blood carried negative memories, your elimination system and your mind too were carrying negative memories. I traced all these one by one and successfully erased all these negative memories.

Now these major weaknesses are destroyed. This itself a major achievement in this treatment. I now take 45 minute break to have my breakfast. I shall continue the treatment at 9-45 am IST again.

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Cure Heredity Disorders

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Dec 08, 2009
Good Beginning
by: Mary

This is the record for curing heredity disorders, which I hear for the first time. Keep it up!

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