Best Way To Enjoy Your
Ideal Diabetes Diet

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Sensible Diet

A healthy diabetes diet helps you to avoid onset of complications like diabetic coma and diabetic shock.

Listen to your secret inner voice. Apply your intelligence to regulate your diet to suit your timely needs.

Apply common sense in choosing what you eat. You will naturally end up with a good healthy diet plan.

No Drastic Changes

Do not make any drastic changes in your diet. Your metabolism will revolt. You will end up hating all diets. This is the reason why many people fail.

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An ideal diabetes diet should contain about 50 % of carbohydrates, 20 to 30 % of fat, and 20 to 25 percent of proteins. You get carbohydrates from rice, wheat, grains, pulses, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

As you can not avoid carbohydrates, you have to choose from the best available source. You have to begin from the fruits and vegetables. Your diet plan must help your body to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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Useful Advice

Make your diabetes diet from the best carbohydrates. you get them from fruits, vegetables, celery, nuts, and whole grains. These do not increase your sugar level. Make minor changes. Eat in moderation. Never overeat.

Always be a little hungry. Avoid Repeats. Do not gulp your servings. Eat at fixed hours. Exercise daily at least for thirty minutes. do not make any irrational changes to your diet. You can easily control your blood sugar.

Most Common Questions

Drastic Changes

Do not make drastic changes in the name of diabetes diet. Your body can only adapt to minor changes. If you are an Indian, more than 70% of your food is carbohydrates. Do not be scared to eat. Your body is used to it.

You do not have to quarantine yourself as a sick person, with a miserable diet plan. A healthy diet will be your best diet. It will suit all others in your family. They will happily join you. It'll keep everyone healthy & happy.

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Take Expert Help

If you are very particular, you can take help from a dietitian. He will guide you with many recipes, which more or less contain the same amount of calories for each serving. Among these, choose the ones you like as best.

You can also plan your diabetes-diet based on glycemic index. It is more, if the carbohydrates are more. It does not mean that a low glycemic index food is safe for you. Many dangerous fat foods have low glycemic index.

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Use Common Sense

Do not follow glycemic index blindly. Your common sense, and inner voice are the best guides in deciding your diet. While eating meat foods, choose the lean cuts. Avoid egg yolks. Prefer skimmed milk foods.

An ideal diet in diabetes does not allow excess build up of cholesterols in your body. High cholesterols promote thickening of capillary walls and clot formation. It increases your risk of heart disease, and strokes.

Tricks To Eat Less

Remember to eat less and masticate more. Take more time to chew and enjoy your food. This cuts down your false appetite. Fill one third of your stomach with food, one third with water, and one third for air space.

Regular Medication
For Diabetes Diet

Take your medications regularly. Whenever, you eat in excess, learn to adjust your insulin dose. Never skip medications or injections. Your latest treatment option is to include Energy Treatment from Bioenergetics.

Treatment Options

You can take Energy Treatment in addition to your allopathic treatments. It surprisingly reduces your medicine dosages, by registering astonishing improvements in your body defense. Take it and enjoy perfect health!

Besides following a diabetes diet, you have to have proper treatments. This is why you must ensure your safety by taking e diagnosis and energy treatment for a Natural Cure!

Useful Info On Diet

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Take Scientific Help

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