Cure from Diabetes, Infantile Paralysis, And Impotence

by Anthony Stephen
(West Germany)

My name is Anthony Stephen. I live in West Germany. My age is 46 years. I suffer from diabetes and obesity. I also suffer from infantile paralysis or polio for the past 40 years. I have difficulties in having sex.

I came across this new treatment for diabetes, when I was browsing.

Due to my infantile paralysis, I did not have much growth in my left hand and leg. These limbs were emaciated, and with out any strength. I felt drained and extremely weak. I could not even stand up for 10 seconds.

Even for toilet, I had to be carried. My health was getting worse day by day. With out exercise, I became obese. I also got diabetes type 2. I could not perform sex. I had a protruding belly and a bloated look.

I come from a rich family but all my riches could not cure my conditions. I tried all treatments. I tried allopathy. There was no relief. I tried homeopathy and acupuncture, but there also, I could not get any relief.

I tried Traditional Chinese medicine. It did not improve my conditions. I tried Ayurveda, Herbal Remedies, and all other treatments. But no treatment could help me.

I prayed to Lord Jesus to show mercy and deliver me from my sorrows. By His Grace Luckily I learned about Dr. M. Sathiamurthi, who has been practicing a new treatment for diabetes.

I heard that this treatment was effective for other chronic diseases too. I studied his website and I could understand the difference. I decided to try his E Treatment and approached him by email.

He diagnosed me by remote methods and told me that there were deep problems in my energy body. He discovered blockages in my energy meridians and energy fields. He said these defects prevented my relief.

I requested him to do his treatment on me. He treated me by remote techniques from his clinic in India. He gave no medicines or injections. Even after his treatment, he did not recommend any medicines.

He told me to expect improvements in about three months. He explained that his treatment would reach my energy body, where ever I was, what ever I was doing, and even if I was asleep! He treated me for 8 hours.

In the beginning, I did not expect any results. I had taken this treatment in desperation, only as a last resort. But, reality was different! To my astonishment, I felt sensations in my numb hands and feet within 3 days!

I could open and twist my toes and fingers. These were totally new movements for me. My joy knew no bounds. I tried to stand up by myself. And Yes. I could stand all right with out any help. I tried to walk.

To my great surprise, I was able to walk. With in three months, I had many major improvements. I was able to move about freely and use all my joints. I was able to stand all by myself for more than 30 minutes.

I was able to walk about 200 meters. By the end of three months, I was able to climb two flights of stairs, with out gasping. Now, I am able to perform well in my sex act. My diabetes type 2 is under excellent control.

It does not trouble me any more after this treatment. I am not conscious that I am a diabetic or a polio victim any more. Quite satisfied with my improvements, I decided to take some more follow up treatments.

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi gave me his follow up treatments, once in 3 months. I took four such follow ups. With every follow up, I felt greatly better, with many more rapid improvements. Now, I am able to drive my car.

It is more than 15 months since I had my first treatment. I attend to my show room business and take care of my clients for about 6 hours every day. I consider the change in my personal and business life as a miracle!

The new treatment for diabetes, not only gave me relief in diabetes, but has proved effective in healing my incurable diseases like polio, and impotence! People are amazed at my results from this Energy Treatment!

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