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Cells & Communications

E Treatment works on Bioenergetics. Bioenergetics is based on cell to cell communications inside your body.

These communications inform your intelligence and the DNA, about the attacks on any parts of your body.

Such attacks are internal or external which cause energy disorders which affect cell to cell communications.

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Healing Response

If you want to have self healing powers, these communications must not be disrupted in any way. Your body acts on these communications. It gives instructions to cells and your DNA to heal the disorders caused.

It repairs damages by its own self healing mechanisms, and restores health. These communications are important for self healing. If there is a breakdown, your body suffers with a disease, and needs external help.

In E-Treatment, we restore these inter cellular communications and bring back to your body, its power of self healing. Then alone your body is able to fight any disease, and cure itself. E-Treatment helps this process.

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Restores Communications

E Treatment regulate energy flow by restoring lost frequencies, removing toxin blockages in the energy channels. It allows continuous flow of fresh energy, and it restores the inter cellular communications.

Lost Frequency

Let us consider white light. It is an electro magnetic vibration. It contains seven colors. Each color is a separate vibration. Suppose 3 of the 7 colors are blocked. Then, white light loses 3 frequencies, and is no longer white.

When White Light Loses
Its Frequencies

It becomes a mixture of the balance four colors, and not white light. It has suffered an aggression, which made it lose 3 frequencies. This loss caused a disease in the quality of white light, in its degree of whiteness.

It is as if white light lost 3 frequencies due to an aggression, and acquired a disease in its properties. In E Treatment, this is the meaning when we say that your body has lost some health frequencies due to an aggression.

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How Do Lost Frequencies
Result In Disease?

Consider white light as Mr White. The degree of whiteness is his health. Loss of whiteness is his disease. Mr. White lost 3 frequencies and acquired a disease in the quality of his whiteness. He is no longer Mr. White!

You get all your diseases in the above pattern. An aggression attacks you. Your body loses some of its health frequencies. It results in a disease. This Treatment restores those lost health frequencies and cures that disease.

Most Common Questions

Restoring Whiteness

Suppose, you are able to re introduce the missing three colors! Now you once again have sparkling white light! You can also achieve the same result by removing the blocking filters used to hide the 3 color vibrations.

This is how you can restore the degree of whiteness in visible white light.

How does this example apply to
curing a patient by e treatment?

Your health depends on your inner defense in the form of health frequencies and vibrations. When you lose them due to internal or external aggressions, you acquire all kinds of diseases, including diabetes.

E Treatment restores these lost frequencies, and your body acquires the powers to heal itself. Health is restored and disease disappears!

Most Common Questions

Vibrations, Wavelengths
And Frequencies

As per E Treatment, there are many vibrations in the body. Just as cells differ, there is difference in the vibrations emitted by different cells. Every vibration contains a certain wave length and frequency.

The combined effect of vibrations from different cells in the body creates an overall electromagnetic energy field. It is your body energy field.

Body Produces Energy

As per E Treatment, each body cell generates its own electrical energy, in its tiny power stations called mitochondria. It is released as a current and transmitted to meet your body needs.

Electromagnetic Field

This transmission of energy from cells involves flow of electric current in one direction. When that happens, a magnetic field is generated in its perpendicular direction. This results in an electromagnetic field around you.

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