Powers of Human Intelligence
Used In Treating Diabetes

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

The Great Wonder

The Human Intelligence is the most wonderful instrument created by God and Nature in every one of us.

In every human body, there exists an inbuilt super defense mechanism, a great power, which protects us.

This defense mechanism protects you from bacteria, virus, infections, diseases and any other aggressions.

Birth To Death

From the time we were born, till our last breath, this defense mechanism operates through out our life. When it retires and leaves us, we become dead. The moment we are dead, our body disintegrates and putrefies.

Defends And Protects

As soon as we die, our body becomes food for worms, bacteria, viruses, and insects. But, this does not happen when we are still alive. Why?

What is that power which prevents our bodies from putrefaction and decay when we live? That protecting Super Power in our body is our Human Intelligence. We use its powers for healing in the New Treatment.

Unequaled Powers

Your human intelligence preserves and protects your body during every moment of your life. It is the power of this intelligence which organizes, protects, defends, and maintains the overall health in your body.

It is with the forces of this intelligence that your body fights with millions of bacteria, viruses, disease causing germs, infections and aggressions. It wins these battles in order to save and protect you from these dangers.

Unmatched Intelligence

The intelligence has to win these battles. Otherwise all our bodies will perish. The abilities, functions and capabilities of this Human Intelligence can not be matched by any machine or computer, ever invented by man.

Yes. It can not be equaled in its performance capabilities by any man made inventions, even by his most sophisticated computers or any thing that man may ever invent, even in the foreseeable future!

Tapping The Resource

The exact causes for diabetes can not be found out by allopathic diagnosis alone. That is why your diabetes remains still incurable! That is why even the best medical care could not relieve your complications.

In the New Treatment for Diabetes we utilize the extraordinary powers of Human Intelligence. We use these powers to find out, treat and correct the real causes of your diabetes and other chronic diseases.

To understand how we use the powers of intelligence in diagnosis, you have to know more about it. What it is, its form, and how it manages your physical and mental bodies are some of the most important aspects.

Controls Body and Mind

Your body has sixty trillion cells. The human-intelligence speaks with and listens to each one of these cells. It pervades through all your organs, systems, cells, and functions. It controls your physical and mental health.

It performs millions of tasks in your body to satisfy your organic and metabolic needs. In short, your intelligence meticulously preserves, defends, controls, and governs the health of your entire body and mind.

Human Intelligence
Scans And Records

Your intelligence radiates through out your energy body, and your energy fields. It radiates through out your physical body and mind. And it radiates through out your cellular system by electromagnetic waves and signals.

Simultaneously, your human-intelligence scans and records data on the root cause disorders, from each and every corner of your body, by electromagnetic waves. It stores this permanently in its memory banks.

Extracting Information

We make use of this extraordinary resource in your human intelligence in our new diagnosis and new treatment for diabetes. From this, by scientific techniques, we extract precise data on the root causes for your diabetes.

The Feed Back

We get the feed back data on these real root causes of diabetes from the memory banks in your intelligence. We extract this information by scientific methods, using quantum physics, resonance transmission techniques.

Like this, we engage in a unique scientific dialogue with your human intelligence. We find out the real problems which makes your diabetes incurable! We also get the information on the methods to correct them!

Defines Treatment

We place before you certain medicinal substances with healing vibrations. These are mostly essential oils, and herbal preparations. These contain healing frequencies which correct your real hidden causes for diabetes.

Your intelligence selects one among these, which has that frequency to heal you. It is the loss of this frequency, which triggered your diabetes. Like this, we find out the frequency lost, or your missing frequency.

Defines Selection

Like this we extract from your intelligence information as to which healing frequencies are exactly needed to rectify your physical and mental diseases, and all your organic, metabolic and energy disorders.

We achieve this by getting the correct feed back from your intelligence. It responds by revealing all the correct essential oils or herbs to us, which contain the healing frequencies for every particular disorder in you.

Defines Transmissions

Using this feed back from your human intelligence, we identify for each healing harmony, which frequencies are to be transmitted, to which locations on your body and for how many seconds should it continue.

Rectifying Disorders

Then we transmit these healing frequencies through various locations in your body along your conception vessel or governor vessel. We use scientific techniques based on and approved by quantum physics.

These methods, given to us as a feed back and guidance from your human intelligence, enable us to give you an effective healing by rectifying the real causes of your diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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