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Treatment That Cures

E Treatment is highly effective for any disease. It cures many diseases where allopathic medicine has failed.

It is a master treatment that cures every illness. It is extremely good for patients with all diabetes types.

It is also effective for all hormone disorders, brain disorders, and most incurable nervous system disorders.

diabetes     heart disease     arthritis

Other Diseases Cured

You can try it confidently to cure anything from migraine to heart disease.

It has been found highly effective in treating arthritis, hyper tension, heart disease, hormone disorders, digestive complaints, angina, female menstrual disorders, knee pain, neck pain, back pains, ED, impotence, and infertility.

impotence     neck pain


E Treatment owes its success to bioenergetics, and its E Diagnosis. This examines your energy fields. It finds out and rectifies the root causes for all your diseases and pains, migraine, back pain, and diabetic foot pain.

Sciences involved
In E Treatment

E Treatment is based on scientific principles of bioenergetics. It is also based on advanced molecular biology, quantum physics, and the theory of dissipative structures. It activates the self healing powers in your DNA.

E-Treatment triggers your own auto healing powers to cure your disease. It also employs the proven principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It transmits healing vibrations from herbs and essential oils and cures you.

Cures By Vibrations

Every thing vibrates in Nature. Ancient Sages in India found Ayurveda to cure diseases by the herbs and essential oils. They identified the healing herbs using their special powers to sense and measure these vibrations.

These vibes differ in their frequencies. We identify the frequencies needed by the patient from these herbal remedies. We transmit them to him, and fulfill his needs, so that he regains his self healing powers to cure himself.

Regulates Diseases

This Treatment discovers all toxin blockages in your body and removes them. It regulates your diseases by vibratory transmissions. These vibes enter your body, restore your health connections, and enable your cure.

Role of Transmissions

The transmissions work on many different wave lengths and frequencies. These transmissions remove blockages to the signals of your brain and nervous systems. It also removes all kinds of toxin blockages.

Most Common Questions Asked

Auto Regulation

Your intelligence has the powers to stop, reroute, or bypass energy flows in all your energy channels. This it does to defend and protect your organs, systems, and functions. It protects you from all aggressions.

When Overwhelmed

When you are overwhelmed by aggressions, your intelligence is not able to cope up. It resorts to blocking certain energy circuits to protect you. By this you lose part of your defense and you become susceptible for disease.

Removes Blockages

E Treatment restores this lost defense. This speeds up removal of these blockages. Before and after the treatment, we measure the energy flow and blockages in all your 24 meridians. We correct them then and there.

It enables energy flow to be restored in all channels facilitating cure.

Intercellular Communications

There are about 60 trillion cells in your body. Each cell communicates with all other cells. It emits specific electromagnetic vibrations to send and receive messages from your brain and nervous systems. It goes on and on.

This exchange of information is known as inter cellular communication. This Treatment identifies blockages in this process. It removes such blockages and restores health in all your organs, systems, and functions.

Vibratory Communications

Cells talk to each other by vibrations. We talk to your intelligence using vibrations. Your intelligence responds to the vibes in medicines. It selects the healing source by vibes. These are the vibratory communications.

Most Common Questions Asked
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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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