Relief from Diabetes, Hyper Tension, Back Pain, And Bladder Disease!

by Somdutta
(New Delhi)

I am Somdutta from New Delhi. I do exports and imports. I am 58 years old. For the past thirty years, I have been suffering from Diabetes, hyper tension, back pain, neck pain and shrunken bladder.

I had other disorders as well. I had to pass urine at least 10 times every night. Getting up 10 times just to urinate, spoiled my sleep.

I had taken treatments in the past 30 years from the most reputed hospitals in India, for all these disorders. But I did not obtain any cure, relief or improvement in my diseases.

On the other hand, my health was deteriorating day by day.

I had taken all the tests, MRI and scans. My doctors said that I had spondylosis and that caused my severe back pain and neck pain. The doctors also admitted that these pains could not be cured.

They concluded that my diabetes was not in control, my blood pressure could not be cured, and my bladder had shrunk smaller. To correct urination, surgery was the only option, they explained.

At this age, I was reluctant to go for bladder surgery. I was fed up with allopathic treatments, tablets, medicines, and injections. They killed my appetite, and induced all kinds of evil side effects.

Therefore, I started looking for alternative methods of treatment. I saw Dr. M. Sathiamurthi in an evening prime time television program, explaining his New Energy Treatment based on Bioenergetics.

He explained the concepts of bioenergetics, which probes your energy body and corrects the root cause disorders in your body's magnetic and electrical energy fields and effects amazing cures.

This corrected most of your diseases at one stroke, he explained. The way he explained it in the television shows, convinced me that there was some real substance in his New Energy Treatment.

I soon met him. He diagnosed me and revealed many disorders in my inner energy fields. He confirmed that all my diseases were due to those disorders. And that I would get great relief from his treatment.

When I accepted this, he treated me for eight hours by scanning with his Lecher Antenna and transmitting healing vibrations from essential oils and herbs. He asked me to come after three months.

I found astonishing relief from his treatments within 30 days. My diabetes came under control beyond expectations, and my hyper tension vanished altogether. My back pain and neck pain vanished.

My trips to bath room became less frequent. Now I was getting up only once during each night to pass urine and therefore, I enjoy very good sleep. I stopped all medications in those three months.

It is a mystery for me how Dr. M. Sathiamurthi corrected so many disorders at one stroke with a single treatment. He never made tall claims in his TV shows. His explanations were always scientific.

After the treatment, I appeared fifteen years younger! My regular doctors were astonished to see the change in my looks. They confirmed that I was cured and no longer needed bladder surgery!

They also confirmed that my health had improved to unbelievable levels. They were astounded to find that the back pain and neck pain had vanished. They confirmed these remarkable improvements.

My blood pressure is back to normal. I had a follow up treatment after 90 days to further improve my health. I felt much better.

After thirty years of suffering neck pain, back pain, shrunken bladder, hyper tension and diabetes, I feel now completely relieved. My urination is normal, bladder is okay, and I need no surgery now!

I took this treatment three years before in 2005. I never knew what good health was before. I experience good health only now. I have remained perfectly healthy all along, during the last four years.

Dr. Sathiamurthi has given me a new lease of life! I pray that all persons with such chronic diseases should take his treatment. It cures diabetes, its complications, and many other chronic diseases.

It is indeed a Divine Gift to have his Energy Treatment!

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