Rectify  Insulin Disorders By New Scientific Treatment

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Essential Hormone

Insulin is essential to produce energy in your body cells. Your body has sixty trillion cells.

Each cell acts like a furnace burning glucose into energy.

It acts like a catalyst for glucose energy conversion.

Glucose Metabolism

The raw material for energy is food. Your body digests food into glucose. It is absorbed in your blood stream to be picked up by your body cells. This hormone regulates how much glucose enters your body cells.

It prompts your body cells to pick up the right amounts of glucose. It is as if it issues visa to selected glucose molecules to permit entry inside these cells. Your body cells burn them and produce energy.

Functions Of Insulin

It is produced in the islet cells of your pancreas. It regulates your blood sugar levels. It prompts your body cells to absorb glucose from the blood stream. Once inside, it catalyzes your glucose metabolism.

It prompts your body cells to produce energy from glucose. When there is an excess of blood sugar, It also prompts your liver to convert it into glycogen. Your liver stores it for later use or release as glucose.

Insulin And Diabetes

What happens when the islet cells go on strike and stop making this hormone? There is little or none of it to absorb glucose and your blood glucose levels steeply increase. Its shortage leads to diabetes.

If the production of this hormone is correctly maintained, by the islet cells in your pancreas, the diabetic situation does not arise. This shows the importance of this hormone.

The causes of Disorders

If there are any defects in the secretion, quantity, quality, or compatibility of this hormone, it can lead to conditions of diabetes. Viral infections and auto immune disorders are said to cause these disorders.

The New Diagnosis

The exact causes are not known to modern science. These are to be found out by the new diagnosis in the new treatment of Bio Energetics, based on principles of quantum physics and advanced molecular biology.

The New Treatment

Its diagnosis is done by scientific methods of investigations into your energy body, energy fields, meridian blockages, chakra blockages, and cellular toxin blockages. Disorders found are rectified by E Treatment.

Maintains Blood Glucose

Certain amount of glucose is always circulating in your blood. This hormone regulates this at a constant level. Normally it is kept at 4.4 grams. To exceed or fall below this level is dangerous for your health.

Now what if you eat a lot of sweets? your pancreas responds by secreting that much more of this hormone. This is done to reduce the blood glucose level by driving it into body cells for making energy.

Whenever blood sugar levels drop too low, your pancreas cuts down on production of this hormone or it stops it altogether. All these actions are done controlled by your hypothalamus and pituitary.


Some times your have excess of insulin. It causes a resistance in your body cells. They fail to recognize its message to absorb glucose. Your blood glucose shoots up and you get diabetes type 2.

Resistance of this hormone is not only causing diabetes type 2. It plays a role in your gestational diabetes. Here again, the action of hormones from your placenta make your body cells insensitive to insulin.

Obesity, over weight, and metabolic syndrome also make your body cells insensitive to this hormone. There may be other unknown factors too.


If you miss out on a meal or if you take a heavy dose of this hormone by injection, it creates a situation known as insulin shock. It occurs during your hypoglycemia. You have to treat it as an emergency.

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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