Diabetes And Depression
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A Deadly Combination

If you suffer from diabetes and depression, better watch out! Both team up to a deadly combination.

Depression adds to you the burden of fighting with diabetes. It quickly invites other deadly complications.

Like Heart disease, hyper tension, neuropathy, nephropathy, obesity, impotence, and diabetic blindness!

Scientific Proof

You have scientific proof now that diabetes and depression are related.

Depression leads to diabetes & diabetes leads to depression. If you have both it is hard to get the desired relief in either diabetes or depression.

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Striking Similarity

Scientists have found that if you have type 2 diabetes, you develop greater levels of hemoglobin A1C in your body. There is alarming evidence that, this by itself is sufficient to make you suffer from depression.

If you are depressed, you tend to eat more, avoid exercise, get obese and smoke. This makes you easily diabetic. This makes it possible for a depressed person to be diabetic and a diabetic to become depressed.

Depression To Diabetes

The more serious your symptoms are for depression, you are that much more likely to acquire diabetes. Smoking, sedentary life and over eating accentuate the problems and hasten the onset of your type 2 diabetes.

Causative Factors

When you have type 2 diabetes, you find it a burden to manage your medical follow ups. You develop psychic tensions of coping with a life long disease. This makes you secrete excess of stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol increases build up of fat tissues and makes you obese. It makes your muscle and most body cells insensitive to insulin. Insulin is unable to reduce excess sugar in your blood. This leads you to type 2 diabetes.

Slows Down Pancreas

Depression is found to have telling effects on the functions of stomach, liver and pancreas. It slows down the functions of pancreas, reduces its insulin secretion, affects glucose metabolism & leads to type 2 diabetes.

Pathos In Old Age

Who all have a high prevalence of depression and diabetes? It is the older people above 65. After that age, if you develop depression, that alone is sufficient for you to acquire diabetes whether you exercise, smoke or not.

Therefore, you can not dismiss depression in older people as due to old age. You should diagnose them for both diabetes & depression. Now you can fight both evils with new diagnosis and new treatment methods!

Diagnose And Treat Both
Diabetes And Depression

Depressed people have 42% higher chance to acquire diabetes than other people with out depression. About 30 % of the diabetics are found to suffer from both diabetes and depression. Women face greater risks.

The thought of having an incurable disease like diabetes depresses any one. The enormity of clinical therapy, blood tests, urine tests, and fear of complications cause diabetics to develop depression sooner than later.

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