How My Son Was Cured Of Bowel Incontinence

by George Vincent
(Sydney Australia)

Hi, I am George Vincent from Sydney, Australia again. In my last post I had only described the energy treatment given to my son by Dr. M. Sathiamurthi. Naturally all will be eager to know the outcome of the treatment. I shall tell you what happened afterwards.

Well, At the end of the treatment, Dr. M. Sathiamurthi had told us that the results of the treatment would be known in about 90 days. We prayed to God and returned to Sydney after the treatment.

To our great surprise our son got cured within 30 days of taking the initial treatment. His bowel incontinence suddenly disappeared. His urine incontinence also vanished.

He was suffering from bulimia and overeating. That too vanished as if by magic. He began to have normal appetite and normal eating habits like others.

He started to have his toilet routines by 7 am every day and did not feel the need to defecate or visit the toilet for that purpose till the next morning.

Previously if he went for taking bath he used to forget to come out of the bath room and remained there till we went into his bath room and forced him to come out. After the energy treatment he finished his bath within a short time and came out all by himself.

Before the treatment he was very slow in learning any subject. But after the treatment, he developed great interest in learning and mastered his school lessons within a short time. He turned to be a bright student.

Before the treatment he was overweight for his age and height but after the treatment he began shedding his extra weight and his physique became shapely and beautiful.

Now a days he sleeps in his own bed and never wets the bed during the nights by urinary incontinence.

When we took the treatment we never expected that my son would be cured of his diseases. We are quite stunned by the results of this treatment. We consider Dr. M. Sathiamurthi to be a God Sent Gift to heal the patients on earth suffering from all kinds of diseases.

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