Keep Busy And Fit For Preventing Diabetes

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Avoid Idle Life

You must explore new ways of preventing diabetes If you have a family history for this disease.

It is easy, if you maintain some discipline. To begin with, you must stop idle life and start acting.

An active life makes it is easy for you to prevent diabetes. It means you have to keep yourself busy.

Exercise Your Way Out

You can engage yourself in any activity. Walking, climbing stairs, doing the house hold chores, walking your dog, cleaning your carpet, are all activities that keep you busy.

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Keep Busy

If your goal is preventing diabetes, keep busy at all times. You can not be fit and have perfect health, by just a few one hour workouts. If you are idle after these work outs, you can not be fit enough to prevent diabetes.

There are many who do such work outs, and remain idle for the rest of the times. The result? They eat more, and neutralize the effects of these work outs. It increases their cholesterols. They become obese and fat.

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Secret Of Fitness

This is not the correct way for preventing diabetes. You have to have a brisk walk for about 30 minutes, mild work outs for about 20 minutes, and for the rest of the day, you have to be mentally and physically busy.

Sleep Well

This way, you will get excellent sleep during nights, which refreshes you, and overhauls your system. You are fit for the next day both physically, and mentally. You will not add cholesterols, obesity, and invite diabetes.

Loss of sleep or irregular sleep makes you an easy target for any disease. If you sleep well it helps you to prevent diabetes. Diabetes research says that irregular sleep patterns lead to higher incidence of Type 2 Diabetes.

Most Common Questions

Preventing Diabetes
Healthy Diet

Next in importance is your diet. You are what you eat. If you eat properly, you do not require any medicine. You will not acquire any disease. You minimize your chances of Type 2 Diabetes, or any other chronic disease.

Use of dietary fiber helps you to prevent diabetes. Take plenty of fruits, vegetables, celery, nuts, and whole grain foods. Take raw vegetables at least weekly once. Ensure to wash them well, before these are served.
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Avoid Pollution

Pollution and polluted food are said to increase the incidence of diabetes. Therefore, avoid eating polluted foods. Also avoid all junk foods. Ensure clean eating habits. Always eat only clean, healthy, and nutritious foods.

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Control Weight

Control your weight. Eat a little less. Avoid fat rich meat. Choose lean cuts in stead of organ cuts. Avoid egg yolks and saturated fats. Prefer skimmed milk products. Chew More. All these steps help you in preventing diabetes.

Options For Prevention

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Other Methods

Other Methods of Diabetes Prevention
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Take Scientific Help

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