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Indian Findings

History of diabetes is 2500 years old. You find Diabetes mentioned in the old Indian medical texts.

Ayurvedic authorities Sushruta and Charaka had described it as Madhu Meha. It meant Honey Urine.

They found that its victims passed large amounts of sugar laden urine which attracted ants.

Madhu Meha

Hence they called it Madhu Meha before 2500 years, a term which is even now commonly used.

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Greeks & Egyptians

History of Diabetes reveals the contributions of Greeks and Romans. The famous Greek physician Aretaeus coined the Greek word Diabetes which means siphon. It acts like a siphon, melting down flesh and limbs in urine.

He lived in the first Century AD. His work on Diabetes is a relic of antiquity. Diabetes was researched by the Egyptians as well. Egyptian physician Hesy Ra makes the first mention about it from Egypt on the Ebers Papyrus.

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The Research

He contributed to diabetes research in his works on remedies to combat the passing of too much urine. Diabetes came into English only in the year 1425. In 1776 Matthew Dobson of UK had significant findings on Diabetes.

He evaporated urine of diabetics to find sugar like residues. This was then established as a new finding in the diagnosis for diabetes. In 1869, German student Paul Langerhans made a mile stone discovery in diabetes research.

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History of Diabetes
Islet Cells

History of diabetes received a shot in the arm when Paul Langerhans discovered the islet cells in the pancreas and bolstered up the research. Since then, these islet cells are known as the Islet of Langerhans.

In 1889, a French physician Apollinaire proved that removal of a dog’s pancreas caused Diabetes. In 1901, An American pathologist Eugene Opie proved that the failure of the pancreatic islet cells caused diabetes.

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The important discovery in the history of diabetes came in 1921. Having established the connection between pancreas and diabetes, Banting and Charles Best researched pancreatic extracts and discovered insulin.

They called it Isletin. They used it to treat dogs whose pancreas had been removed. They also used extracts from the fetal pancreas of cattle. They proved that such extracts lowered the blood sugar levels of diabetic dogs.

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In 1922, the world saw the first insulin injection on a human. It was Leonard Thompson, 14, who received it, in Toronto General Hospital. It made him live for another 13 years. He died of pneumonia later.

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Story Of Diabetes From Insulin To Bioenergetics

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