Gestational Diabetes
New Treatment
For Mother And Child

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

New Treatment

If you get gestational diabetes, you have the best treatment option in a New Treatment from Bioenergetics.

This New Treatment greatly helps allopathic care and prevents many complications during your child birth.

It ensures your baby’s safety, and relieves your psychological tensions before, during, and after delivery.

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Pregnancy Related

Gestational Diabetes comes to you only when you are pregnant. It lasts when you are pregnant and goes away after you deliver your baby. The disease occurs when your blood sugar is high and exceeds safety levels.

When you are tested for your fasting blood sugar, if you find your reading above 140 milligrams of blood glucose per deciliter, then it confirms that you have this diabetes during your pregnancy.

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Affects Mother & Child

Normally you develop gestational diabetes when you are pregnant for 20 weeks or later. Like in diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2, this affects your health in many ways. It also affects your child's health.

As a precaution you can have a thorough Diagnosis and also take this New Treatment. That way you will avoid many of your complications. you also ensure safe growth for your baby when inside you, and after it is born.

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The Symptoms

The danger with gestational diabetes is that it comes to you with out any warning. You do not have symptoms like excessive thirst and frequent urination. You know it only when you do the routine urine and blood tests.

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The New Treatment For
Gestational Diabetes

If you have this diabetes, find out why by scientific investigations, and what causes your disease by this New Diagnosis. You can then follow up with this New Treatment to achieve a natural cure with out medicines.

You can not find the real causes of gestational-diabetes from allopathic procedures alone. You definitely need to have this new diagnosis to find out these causes and other energetic disorders manifested in your body.

The Causes

You get gestational diabetes, when your glucose metabolism is defective and when your blood glucose levels are high. These may be due to your pancreatic and insulin disorders. You may also get it when your pregnancy hormones from your placenta do not co operate with your body insulin.

Tracing The Unknown

But allopathic research has not found why your hormones are not insulin compatible, why your cells resist insulin, and why of many other diabetes questions. The answers are best found by diagnosing your energy body.

Glucose Metabolism

Your body derives energy from food. During digestion, food becomes glucose. This glucose is absorbed in your blood stream and it is called blood glucose. Glucose becomes Energy inside your body cells.

Glucose from your blood enters your body cells only when these cells respond to a hormone called insulin which allows such entry. If this cell insulin response is poor, enough glucose can not enter your body cells.

High Blood Sugar

This leads to shortage of energy in all your organs and functions. This energy shortage affects you and your baby to a great extent. You must fully understand why and how this happens to you in your pregnancy.

When enough glucose does not enter your body cells, you will have lots of it left behind in your blood, which leads you to your gestational diabetes.

Hormone Incompatibility

When you are pregnant, your placenta releases certain hormones to sustain your pregnancy. Sometimes, these hormones make your body cells resistant to your insulin. These cells resist entry of glucose inside them.

Therefore, enough glucose can not enter inside your body cells. A lot of glucose is left behind in your blood which causes dangerously high blood sugar levels. This is what happens in your diabetes during pregnancy.

The Complications

Gestational Diabetes can cause complications before delivery, during, and after delivery stages. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of the disease is essential for you to take the essential precautions.

If you depend on allopathic treatments alone, both you and your child can develop serious diabetes complications. Therefore, you have to take the appropriate additional treatment when you suffer from this disease.

Complications for Baby

Your baby for example can suffer from excessive growth. This can make your labor difficult and affect normal delivery. As a new born, your baby can suffer from low blood sugar, breathing difficulties, and jaundice.

Your baby will have the tendency to develop diabetes type 2. This disease can also come to your child any time in its life. To avoid this, you must take adequate precautions by opting for E Diagnosis and E Treatment.

Complications for Mother

If you had gestational diabetes during one pregnancy, you are most likely to have it again in your next pregnancy. In addition, you face high risks of developing diabetes type 2 sooner or later.

As the mother, you may also develop high blood pressure. You may secrete more protein in your urine. If you are not treated properly, this can lead to pre-eclampsia and other life threatening complications.

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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