Cure From Diabetes Type 2
Back Pain & Arthritis

by Sivanandan
(Salem, India)


I am Sivanandan. I am 78 years old. I was a medical salesman for 39 years. I had to carry parcels on my head for distribution. As a result, I developed a hunch back, pains all over my body and a bent neck.

My neck would not sit straight on my shoulders! And no doctor could correct it! I also had pains all over my body. I had severe bouts of neck pain, back pain, leg pain, knee pain, and wrist pain.

Allopathic Treatments

As a medical salesman, I knew a few reputed neurology and arthritis doctors. I approached them for help and consulted them. I took their prescriptions. But day by day, my ailments became worse.

These treatments had no effect on my pains and bent neck. I continued to suffer. Other specialists too diagnosed me and told that I had developed arthritis and diabetes as well. It was the Type 2 disease.

Vexed With Treatments

I took their medicines along with other prescriptions, for some more years. I felt no improvements. Life became a sickening experience! I became t disappointed with my doctors and their medicines.

Alternate Healing Methods

I began trying tried alternate methods. I continued them along with allopathic medicines, for some more years. But nothing seemed to work. I became so weak that I could not walk even short distances.

It was then that I heard of Mr. M. Sathiamurthi, and about his treatments. It was said he corrected your inner electromagnetic energy fields, to render cures. I settled for his treatment, as a last resort.

A New Experience

He diagnosed me and found certain problems in my inner body energy fields. He called them blockages. These were in my meridians, centripetal and centrifugal energy fields. He advised me to correct them.

I took his help. He treated me for 3 hours. He did not give or prescribe any medicines or injections. In stead, he transmitted certain healing vibrations from certain herbs. He did it with his Lecher Antenna.

Registered Progress

He asked me to come again for a review after a fortnight. By the time I went back to him, 50 % of my troubles had vanished! My pains had receded, and surprisingly, my neck became straightened.

My diabetes was under better control. My doctor reduced the doses after seeing my progress. I felt I was really much better. I stopped most of my medicines. Mr. Ssthiamurthi advised me on what to continue.

Follow Up Treatments

I had my follow up treatments, once in fifteen days. Mr. Sathiamurthi tested the compatibility of all medicine and rejected most as incompatible. He chose only two of them, to be taken at lesser doses.

With in 3 follow ups, I got my maximum relief. Now, at the age of 78, I look and feel like I am 20 years younger. I have a feel of youthfulness. Life energy seems to surge through out my body and nerves.

Real Improvements

Now I climb stairs, walk long distances, and my neck is straight, I eat and sleep well, and I feel absolutely healthy! I had so much improvement, with out any medicine, from this treatment, meant for diabetes.

In the beginning, I too thought it was only for diabetes! I realized later that while it is effective to help a natural cure for diabetes, it is extremely effective for all other chronic diseases which you may have.

Astonishing Results

I was treated by herbal vibes, by transmitting signals by his antenna! Though I was present, he treated me as if I was in a remote place. I realized it was indeed a remote treatment done on me, in my presence!

My allopathic doctors are astonished to see my results. They concede, that my recovery is a medical miracle, I had achieved so much cure, with in such a short period, and with out any medicines or injections!

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Back Pain & Arthritis

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Dec 17, 2011
Amazing !
by: Anonymous

This is amazing. How come this important cure is still unknown to patients, the medical field, and not counted as a breakthrough in the efforts that are being made to cure diabetes? Not may diabetic patients are aware of this amazing cure. I suggest you advertise this treatment much better by publicizing it on TV. How does one get in touch with you, how much is the cost and what is there to guarantee that there is no side effect of any kind in receiving this treatment?

Reply By M. Sathiamurthi

This treatment has not been brought to the forefront Because the allopathic medical industry is not allowing this treatment to grow or become famous because it will affect their markets and the sale of their medicines.

I had already given programs in in Indian TVs like Raj TV and Vijay TV for about 5 years. I cannot give such programs throughout the world as there are millions of commercial TVs and they all expect very huge fees for broadcasting private programs like this. I cannot afford this.

You can get in touch with me by applying in the contact-us page of this website. or click this link Apply For E Treatment.

I shall first quote for your diagnosis and after that based on your diagnosis results I shall quote for your treatment.

And yes. There are absolutely no bad side effects in this treatment. I will not misguide you. this is the only treatment in the world with absolutely no side effects.

Nov 03, 2009
Much More Than Natural Cure For Diabetes
by: S. Pushpa

The title natural cure for diabetes makes one to think that it is a treatment meant for only diabetes.

I am surprised to learn that Sivanandan got cured from so many different complaints in his body.

Surely if this one treatment can remove so many diseases from the body, it is a great boon to mankind. Now I understand that it is a master treatment for any disease in the human body.

I also understand from your web page that this treatment can be sent by remote methods. I heartily thank Mr. Sivanandan for sharing his experience to the other visitors.

I am sure other body pain and arthritis patients will also be benefited by this wonderful treatment.

I shall also try this treatment in the near future.

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