Correct Diabetes And Impotence
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Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

One Leads To Other

Diabetes and Impotence makes it is difficult for you to achieve the desired healing in either disease.

Diabetes causes nerve damage and impotence. This in turn causes depression, which leads to diabetes.

If you have diabetes, you have three times more chances to suffer impotence than others.

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Causes For Impotence

Besides diabetes, you can get it due to fatigue and depression. You can get it through medicines. The real causes are more psychological than physical. You can get it through negative emotions, hatred & anxiety.

Impotence hurts. It affects your self esteem, confidence and peace of mind. Diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage makes it still worse.

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Ineffective Brain

When you have diabetes and impotence, your penis refuses to become hard or hard enough to perform the sex act. This happens because there is not enough surge of blood into your penis to sustain your erection.

Diabetic neuropathy affects transmission of brain's sex commands. The damaged nerves in your penis do not receive these messages. You are mentally ready for sex but your penis is not. You suffer impotence.

Role Of Blood Sugar

Your penis needs release of a chemical called nitric oxide to cause blood to swell it enabling erection. Once the penis becomes fully hard, you need to prevent blood from draining out of your penis to sustain erection.

Your brain controls both these functions. High Blood Sugar in diabetes affects controls preventing timely release of nitric oxide and retention of blood in your penis. This inhibits erections causing impotence.

CVD And Impotence

In diabetes with impotence blood vessel damage leads to cardiovascular disease or CVD. These vessels become narrow and harden. Hence they are not able to pump enough blood into the penis to sustain erection.

Enjoy Natural Sex

If you have diabetes and impotence, take care to have sex only when you have the natural urge. You mustn't force it as matter of routine. Both must be in romantic moods. You shouldn't have the fear of performance.

Diabetes And Impotence
Helpful Measures

When you have diabetes and impotence, please consult your doctor. You must have enough sleep, enough exercise, nutritious food and the correct medicines. You must also have expert psychiatric counseling.

You must learn to manage your stress, cut down smoking, limit drinks, and reduce anxiety. Besides allopathy you must also have our new diagnosis & scientific treatment for a natural cure of both the diseases.

Treatment Options

Your doctor may check you and prescribe medicines like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra when you have diabetes and impotence. These can give you harmful side effects and endanger your life in certain health conditions.

You've the latest scientific option by availing the most natural and new treatment for diabetes for reliable excellent results. This removes the root causes for both diseases and ensure the best possible relief for you.

More Information

Diabetes and men health Learn that persistently high blood glucose level results in damage to blood vessels that causes impotence.
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Take Scientific Help

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