Diabetes Insipidus
Scientifically Explained

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Unique Disease

If you have diabetes insipidus, you have got a very unique disease.

Normally, you get diabetes due to insulin and pancreatic disorders. In your diabetes, it is not the case.

Your diabetes insipidus is due to disorders in the functions of your brain, hypothalamus, and pituitary.

It is related to the defects in your kidneys and defects in the functions of your anti diuretic hormone or ADH.

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Finding The Unknown

Allopathic medicine has not found the exact causes for your disease. According to bioenergetics, these causes lie in your energy body, energy fields, and meridians. This is confirmed by e diagnosis in its e treatment.

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The Three Types

Diabetes Insipidus is shortly known as DI. There are three types. Central DI, nephrogenic DI, and gestational DI. Tumors, surgery related defects, and unknown disorders in Hypothalamus or Pituitary cause the Central DI.

Genetic, medicinal, chronic, or unknown disorders affecting kidneys cause Nephrogenic DI. The other type is Gestational DI which is caused when the placenta hormones destroy the ADH hormone in the pregnant woman.

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ADH Controls Body Water

ADH controls the mount of water in our body. All our skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood, tissues, and bones contain water. We are 90% made of water. If we are dehydrated beyond safe limits, we will die.

Therefore, your body always tries to hold a minimum required amount of water. It tries to conserve water during short supply. It releases the excess through urine. Both actions are controlled by your ADH.

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Deplete Water By Urine

Your kidneys separate liquid waste from blood in the form of urine. Urine mostly consists of water. If the kidneys go on producing urine at a fast pace, you will lose more water causing danger to life.

Insipidus And ADH

Defects in the quality of ADH can cause diabetes insipidus. Insufficient or excess of ADH released can lead to the disease. Any defects in the timings of release of ADH can also cause diabetes-insipidus.

Action Of ADH

ADH acts on your kidneys. It makes your kidneys use less water to produce urine. When there is a shortage of water, your body tries to conserve it. It does it by releasing more of ADH in your blood stream.

ADH makes kidneys reabsorb water from urine. Your urine becomes concentrated. Therefore, you urinate less. In this way, you conserve water to maintain the safety levels of water required in your body.

What If Body Holds Surplus Water?

Suppose you drink lots of water. Then your body needs to remove the excess water through urine. During such times, ADH in your blood stream is inhibited or reduced. This allows more water to pass through urine.

Control At Times Of Water Shortage

When there is a shortage of water, ADH helps you to conserve water in your body. When you have excess of water, supply of ADH is reduced so that the water level in your body is maintained at the safe level.

Three Known Causes

For successful maintenance of body water levels, a kind of co operation is required between your kidneys and ADH. Sometimes, the ADH hormone fails to act on the kidneys which leads to diabetes-insipidus.

The reason can be a defect in the quality of ADH. The timings and quantities of release can be incorrect. Or your kidney cells do not respond to the presence of ADH. All three can cause diabetes insipidus in you.

Poor Kidney Response

Normally, when there is more ADH, kidneys should respond by conserving water by concentrating urine. When there is less of ADH, the kidneys must respond by depleting excess water by frequent urination.

At times, your kidneys do not respond correctly to ADH. They may have a genetic defect or a chronic disorder or medicinal aggression. As such, their tubules do not work properly. These cause nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.

Poor Brain Commands

Normally, your brain controls the actions of your hypothalamus and pituitary about the production of ADH, its storage, quantity and timings of its release. It gives different commands depending on the situations.

When these commands are defective, or when these are blocked or intercepted or when these are not properly understood by these endocrine glands, it leads to disorders of ADH causing insipidus.

Hypothalamus And Pituitary

ADH is produced in hypothalamus and stored in your pituitary. If these glands have organic, metabolic, or energetic disorders, the production and quality of ADH are affected. This causes your diabetes insipidus.

Such endocrine disorders can cause defects in the quality of ADH. These can also cause defects in the timings of release of ADH by pituitary and quantities of ADH released. These too can cause diabetes insipidus.

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