Diabetic Foot Pain
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Diabetic Foot Pain

If a caressing touch on your foot hurts, you may have diabetic foot pain. It is painful and excruciating.

You get burning pains with tingling sensations. You also experience continuous bouts of pain frequently.

Or you get intermittent shearing pains in your feet. Your pain gives you a prickling sensation.

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Pins & Needles

It is all over your feet, as if you are pricked by several needles in many places. You call it a pins and needles sensation. Sometimes you feel numbness but still have acute internal pain.

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Relief Only Temporary

You do not get specific medications to cure this foot pain. These are mostly pain suppressants, which give temporary relief. You find that they do not control pain for longer periods.

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Blood Vessel Damage

Your diabetes leads to nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy. The excess blood sugar in diabetes damages your blood vessels. It affects blood circulation in the tiny capillaries of your toes, feet, and fingers.

There is build up of fatty deposits inside the capillary walls. It narrows down the passage for enough blood to flow. The blood circulation is reduced or stopped altogether to the peripheral nerves in your feet.

Three Kinds Of Pain

When it happens, you do not have enough blood to transport the most needed oxygen and nutrients for the nerve cells. With out enough supply of these essentials, nerves are damaged and you get this foot pain.

Sensory Neuropathy

You get three kinds of foot pain. It depends on the damage to your sensory, motor or autonomic nerves. If it hurts you even to gently touch your feet, your foot pain is due to sensory neuropathy.

If it gives you intense pain in your feet, when you cover them with thin sheets, that is also sensory neuropathy. You get a burning pain with a tingling sensation. You'll find numbness & also shearing internal pain.

Diabetic Foot Pain
Motor Neuropathy

You get another diabetic foot pain in the muscles of your feet, shins, and thighs. It occurs due to reduced blood flow, when the nerves to these muscles are damaged. You feel intense pain. This is motor neuropathy.

Autonomic Neuropathy

In autonomic neuropathy, your soles and feet are affected. You get pain in your soles and feet. It is due to nerve damage in these parts. Your feet sweat less, you get dried up cracked skin & painful build up of calluses.

Swollen Leaking Veins

You also get this pain, when your veins are swollen with blood. Blood starts oozing. Unable to pass through blocked capillaries, the excess blood gets back to veins. These start swelling and blood leaks out.

This leaking blood may pool inside your feet. It can also come out of your skin. This allows bacterial infections & ulcers. It'll be extremely painful. Expert attention or surgical procedures are your options.

Solution In Bio-Energetics

The cause of diabetic foot pain is diabetes. Allopathic medicine stops there. You get more scope for finding its root causes in alternate medicine in the new diagnosis from the Science of Bioenergetics.

It scans your energy body, energy fields, meridians, channels, blockages, brain, and endocrine functions for this purpose. It finds out and corrects the root cause disorders for your pain by this new treatment.

Diabetic Foot Pain To New Treatment

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