What Causes Diabetes? Underlying Facts Revealed

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Causes Not Known

Exactly what causes diabetes is not known even to the most modern medical and scientific research.

We shall examine the causes as per allopathic findings and also those which had escaped their attention.

There are many energy related root cause disorders which are not traceable by allopathic diagnosis.

Apparent Causes

If you ask your doctor what causes diabetes, he will possibly reply that you get it due to pancreas and insulin disorders. He may add immunity dysfunctions, viral infections, and heredity as the other possible causes.

Hidden Causes of Diabetes
Not Yet Revealed

The exact causes are not known to Allopathic Research. These may be hidden else where. To know them you have to rely on the new scientific methods of diagnosis applying the latest discoveries in Bio Energetics.

These are diagnosed in your energy body, energy field disorders, energy meridian blockages, polarity defects in your main channels of energy, vibratory, cellular toxin & lymphatic blockages, by e diagnosis.

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What is To Be Done

To understand what causes diabetes, we should pay attention to both the apparent and hidden causes. A person has diabetes when his body cells are not able to use up glucose in his blood stream due to lack of insulin.

Either the insulin available is insufficient or it is ineffective in using up glucose for conversion into energy. To understand how this happens, we should first understand how our body derives energy from food.

Food Become Energy In Your
Sixty Trillion Body Cells

Our main source of energy is food. When we eat food and digest it, the carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. It is absorbed by the blood stream for distribution to the trillions of cells in our body.

Sixty Trillion Factories Produce
Energy Inside Your Body

Every cell in our body works like a factory to burn glucose and produce energy. There are about sixty trillion cells in our human body.

In other words, there are sixty trillion factories inside our body to produce energy. Every cell functions as a manufacturing unit and the main raw material is glucose which is absorbed from our blood.

Role of Insulin In What
Causes Diabetes

In order to make this blood glucose enter into our body cells, a special hormone called insulin is required. Insulin influences our body cells so that they permit the entry of glucose inside cellular compartments.

In other words, insulin holds the key to unlock the doors of your body cells for entry of glucose. By virtue of this function, insulin plays a key role in what causes diabetes.

Insulin helps conversion of blood glucose into energy. When the level of glucose in our blood stream becomes low, the secretion of insulin slows down. It stops when it is no longer required.

Metabolism Of

As soon as digestion starts the carbohydrates in food is broken down into glucose. Immediately, insulin is secreted by pancreas in our body. Pancreas is a fish shaped organ located behind our stomach.

insulin permits your body cells to absorb glucose from the blood stream. The cells normally convert absorbed glucose into energy for utilization in your body under the influence of insulin.

Supposing there is no secretion of insulin from the pancreas. In such a situation, your body cells can not and will not accept glucose into their cellular factories for conversion into energy.

Two-fold Function
Of Insulin

The function of insulin is two fold. Besides permitting entry of glucose into body-cells, it also enables the liver to convert excess of glucose in blood into glycogen.

The liver stores it to be released later. When your blood sugar levels become low, like in starvation, another hormone from pancreas called glucagon is released.

Glucagon acts on your liver to release glucose from glycogen, into the blood stream. In this way the amount of glucose in blood is always maintained in correct levels by the action of insulin and glucagon.

What Causes Diabetes

You can easily understand what causes diabetes if you review these biological processes in your body. If these mechanisms are disturbed, glucose from the blood stream can not enter inside your body cells.

As a consequence, glucose in your blood reaches abnormally high levels leading to hyperglycemia. In spite of having a surplus of glucose in your blood, your body suffers as it not sufficiently available to your body cells.

With out glucose being available, the sixty trillion cells in your body can not produce energy and your whole body starves. This is what happens in diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2, & most of your other diabetes types.

Role of Heredity

Heredity is another factor in what causes diabetes. It has long been known that diabetes tends to run in families. But, it is of interest to note that what is inherited is not the disease, but the tendency to develop it.

The role of heredity is quite different in diabetes type 1 and type 2. Research has identified about half a dozen specific genes associated with Type One Diabetes.

Statistics On Role of Heredity
In What Causes Diabetes

If a person inherits any of these genes, he or she is more likely to be affected by the disease. Statistically, if a parent has diabetes type 1, about 2 to 5 % of the children will develop the disease.

In case of identical twins, if one of the twins has it, there is a 50 % chance that the other twin will also get it. Whereas in Diabetes Type 2, there is an even chance that the other twin will get the disease.

If a parent has Diabetes Type 2, it is likely that about 10 to 15 percent of the children will inherit the tendency to develop the same disease.

What Causes Diabetes?
Viral Infections

Viral infections also play a role in causing diabetes. It is suspected that exposure to virus attacks in your childhood or later, damages your pancreas so that it can not make or produce for you enough insulin.

Some times the virus infection makes changes in the quality of insulin which makes it unsuitable for glucose metabolism. This in turn becomes one reason for what causes diabetes.

Over Reacting Immune

Our immune system is designed and organized to attack & destroy invading bacteria & virus. Immune system disorders play a significant role in what causes diabetes. Some times our immune system overreacts.

Along with the bacteria and virus, it attacks and destroys the islet cells in pancreas affecting production of insulin. All the above factors are the apparent causes of diabetes outlined in modern allopathic medicine.

Why Do Other
Systems Fail?

The real causes may be hidden in your brain, nervous system, endocrine functions, genetics and blockages in your body energy fields. These have to be identified and rectified when we determine what causes diabetes.

Allopathic medicine and other systems will not be able to do that unless they use the latest methods of diagnosis by scanning the body energy fields. That is why these methods fail to heal or cure any disease.

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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