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If you have diabetes, you should know how to avoid diabetic shock. It comes as a a sudden attack.

It is an extreme form of a medical condition, known as hypoglycemia. It means very low blood sugar.

You have hypoglycemia when your blood sugar is low. If it persists, it can land you in an emergency bed.

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Normal Readings

The normal reading for blood sugar is 80 to 120 mg/dl. When it falls below 80 you are said to be hypoglycemic. If you do not give first aid, or medical treatment, it can lead to insulin shock, and other serious complications.

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Diabetic Shock Is An

If you leave the condition untreated, you develop symptoms of diabetic shock. You may become unconscious, develop seizures, and slip into fatal diabetic coma, which is the extreme consequence of your insulin shock.

When you suspect that a diabetic has insulin shock, call immediately for expert help. It is a medical emergency. If you fail, the patient’s heart beat and pulse may fail, he may stop breathing, and he may also die.

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The symptoms

Whenever a person has diabetic-shock, his brain does not get enough glucose. Therefore, his brain functions begin to decrease. He feels dizzy, hungry, weak, disoriented, and confused. His speech will be slurred.

His breadth may smell of acetone. He feels sleepy. You can mistake him to be an alcoholic, or drug addict. He is non cooperative and aggressive. You can help him with first aid, by giving him some juice, or sugar in any form.

Most Common Questions

The Causes

You can get diabetic shock, if you skip a meal, delay it, or eat too little. You also get it, when you exceed your level of physical exercise. And, you may get it, if you have an over doze of insulin, or oral diabetes medicines.

It may come to you, if you take some drugs like warfarin, or beta blockers, which favor insulin shock. It may happen, if you change your regular insulin, or medicines, on your own. Excess use of alcohol is also a cause.

First Aid

If you suspect that you have shock, call for immediate medical help. Take some sugar in any form. Drinks, juices, candy, sweets, or even plain sugar will do. When it goes inside, it revives you soon.

Have some juicers handy and Keep SOME juice ready in your refrigerator. Use it in such an emergency. When medical help arrives, give them your medical history. Tell them to which medicines you are allergic.

Pay Medical Attention

Even if you revive shortly after taking sugar or drinks, seek medical help for evaluation and further treatment. Remember to treat any one else the same way, if you suspect that he has diabetic shock or diabetic coma.

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