Treat Your Pancreas And
Insulin Disorders
To Heal Your Diabetes

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Role in Diabetes

Pancreas is closely related to diabetes. If it functions correctly, it can save you from diabetes.

If it falls sick your risk of diabetes is more. It makes insulin and must be healthy to prevent diabetes.

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Energy Disorders

This insulin producing organ needs a better investigation by bioenergetics than mere allopathic diagnosis. Then alone you can ascertain its disorders. With out having energy diagnosis you can not find these real disorders.

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Pancreatic Illness

These disorders have several origins. Some times due to defects in heredity, genetics, bacterial and virus infections, this organ can be affected. There can be other hidden causes of unknown origin.

Hidden Causes

The hidden causes are found by bioenergetics from your energy body, energy fields, its loss of symmetry, 24 meridians , toxin blockages, signal interruptions from hypothalamus and pituitary or defects in these organs.

Pancreas And Insulin

This organ is really the life saver in all of us. It produces your insulin. If it is damaged, you will not get insulin. With out insulin, your glucose metabolism suffers. Your body cells can not produce energy from food.

Islet Cells Of Langerhans

Pancreas has an endocrine function. It secretes insulin from the Islet cells of Langerhans. It has about a million islet cells. Each cell secretes insulin as per the commands from your brain and from other endocrine glands.

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Insulin Factories

Your pancreatic body contains million islet cells. These are scattered through out its bulk. All these cells account for a total weight of only 1.3 grams. Each cell is a miniature factory which produces insulin.


This organ weighs just about 85 grams. It appears to you like your dog’s tongue. It is located behind your stomach, in front of your spine. Its other jobs are to produce the digestive juice and digestive enzymes.


Your pancreatic secretions amount to 900 grams of alkaline digestive juice. This is used to neutralize the acidic contents of your stomach, when it goes through duodenum and intestine. This prevents the corrosion effect.

Digestive Juices

As soon as you sit down for your food, pancreas secretes your digestive juice. With out this juice, the acidic out put from your stomach will corrode the walls of your duodenum and intestine causing ulcer.

The food that you eat can not be used by your blood stream as such. In fact, if it reaches your blood stream as such, it will cause extreme danger and death. Therefore, it has to be converted into an acceptable form.

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Pancreatic Enzymes

Pancreas ensures proper digestion of your food. It produces three enzymes to do this. One takes care of protein and the other two take care of starch and fat. This way food is broken down into its raw materials.

Enzyme Trypsin breaks down protein into amino acids. Amylase converts starch into sugars. And fat is broken down into fatty acid and glycerin by Gastric Lipase. What ever food you eat, the end products are the same.

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Food Processing

In this way, this organ helps you to process the food that you eat into an acceptable form to be absorbed in your blood stream. Your blood carries these substances to the sixty trillion cells in your body as nutrition.

Other Possibilities

Acute pancreatitis is a disease with severe inflammation. you can get it in the following ways. Your pancreatic exit duct connects with duodenum. This exit duct may share it with that of liver and gall bladder.

If it happens, the bile from liver can flow into pancreas and destroy it. A gall stone from gall bladder can block its exit. This prevents pancreatic enzymes from going out and these enzymes start digesting the organ.


This situation can lead to acute pancreatitis, which is a major emergency calling for immediate medical procedures and E Treatment to save life. It is a killer disease. Pancreas can also get cancer or develop tumors.

Correcting Disorders

Any disorder with pancreas is serious. It needs the new diagnosis by scientific methods of bionergetics to obtain precise information on your root cause disorders. It is followed by E Treatment for maximum relief.

After this any follow up allopathic treatment is taken up as needed to correct any surface weaknesses. This ensures speedy relief from your diabetes and other chronic diseases due to disorders in Pancreas.

Restore Self Healing

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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