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Body Energy Fields

Your body has both electrical and magnetic currents. An electric current generates an electric field.

It also creates a magnetic field in a perpendicular direction. These two interact to form a new energy field.

It is called electromagnetic energy field. It propagates, carries info, and communicates with your body cells.

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Your Energy Body

Your energy fields are created like this. They combine together to form your energy body. We measure these energy fields by the Lecher Antenna.

This communication by movement of these electro magnetic energy fields enables your body cells to form, develop, defend, and protect themselves.

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Energy Measurements
In E Treatment

We use Lecher antenna at 1.1 Lambda reading to measure your internal polarity. Your magnetic field measures at 5.7 Lambda. Your electrical energy field measures at 7.8. Your body toxins vibrate at 2.1 and 17.6.

Your cosmo-telluric energy measures at 15.7. The inter cellular communication energy measures at 2.5. Your elimination ganglions measure at 2.1. Cosmic energy measures at 12. Earth Energy measures at 8.

How Do You Use These Measurements
To Cure Diabetes & Other Diseases?

You fall sick when some thing is wrong with your body energy fields. At that time, they are deficient in certain vibrations with specific wave lengths. E Treatment identifies these vibes and restores to your body.

We find such vibrations exist in Nature. They are found in some herbs and essential oils. We transmit these vibes to your body. It sucks up these vibes and rectifies its deficits. It corrects your disorders and cures you.

How Do You Effect Cures
By Color Vibrations?

You know that colors do carry vibes. We use these vibes to restore lost frequencies in your body energy fields. These techniques remove toxins, restore symmetry, arrest energy leakages, and restore your self healing.

Most Common Questions .

How Does E Treatment Remove
Toxin Blockages?

E-Treatment transmits curing vibes into your body. It allows life energy to flow once again through out your body in all your 24 energy meridians. This applies pressure on your toxins and removes these toxin blockages.

How Does This Treatment Restore
Uninterrupted Energy Flow

In the last question, you saw how we remove all kinds of toxin blockages. Doing more transmissions of vibes from many herbs, we remove all the energy blockages in your body. This permits uninterrupted energy flow.

How Does E Treatment Restore
Energy Field Symmetry

Your body had lost several healing vibes while facing aggressions. We transmit exactly these vibes back into your body, and restore this defect. This removes all the energy field shifts and restores symmetry.

How does Your Treatment Restore
Natural Healing Powers?

It follows the answer to the last question. Once, we restore energy field symmetry, your body regains its natural powers, to fight and conquer diseases. In this way, your body gets back its natural healing powers.

How Do you Treat Patients?

First we do our E-Diagnosis. And then we do E-Treatment
Most Common Questions

What is Your Diagnosis?

First we do channel measurements. Then we measure your elimination ganglions, and energy field shifts. We also measure energies in your 24 meridians. We diagnose and find out your missing health frequencies.

We measure your cosmic, earth, and cosmo-telluric energy channels, and confirm their connections. If needed, we restore the connectivity by external shunting, using our energy instruments.

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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