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Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Cells Communicate

Bioenergetics scientifically explains how you can change your Fate by Curing your most chronic Diseases.

It shows how your intelligence and energy body work together to cure diseases, like two giant computers.

Your body has 60 trillion cells. Each cell exchanges information nonstop with all other cells continuously.

Relief From Chronic Diseases!
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Trillions Of Mini Computers

Each cell transmits, receives, and stores info like a mini computer. All your 60 trillion cells are networked to your energy body & intelligence. By this each cell speaks to each other cell in your body.

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Giant Network

This giant net work of your intelligence, energy body and matter body is millions of times larger than all the telecommunication net works in the whole world. In fact, you've got a miniature universe within your body!

Your energy body coordinates it by its capacity to collect, process, and transmit information to your Cells, DNA and your intelligence. The beauty is you're not aware of energy body, its controls and methods of cure!

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Cause Of Illness

Bioenergetics confirms that whenever these controls fail with the energy body to collect info, or transmit it to the physical body, your body is not able to self heal and repair its defects, & hence you develop a disease.

The energy body reveals to us the cause of these communication break downs by Lecher Antenna scanning. We scan and get the info on what is wrong in the energy body's exchange of info with your physical body.

Identifies & Cures

Our bioenergetics scans identify the missing frequencies in your energy body, caused by aggressions. We restore these links by transmitting healing frequencies from essential oils & herbs and cure your disease.

In these procedures, we restore the powers of self healing to your energy body. We also restore its mechanisms of immunity, and powers of auto regulation, to cure your diabetes, or any other chronic disease.

Self Healing Power

When you were your first cell, and when there was replication & division, you had no support of brain, organs or nerves. In that stage, it was this healing power & immunity which protected you from any disease!

Bioenergetics restores these powers of self healing and immunity to fight disease. Over these years, due to various aggressions, you had lost these powers of auto regulation, and now you suffer with out this defense!

DNA Effects Repairs

As Bioenergetics restores these powers, your energy body scans every cell, notes the causes of disease, and communicates this to that Gene, whose DNA has the know how & abilities for repair and self Healing.

These repair mechanisms work as long as the intelligence, energy body, and matter body communications continue with out interruption. When a break down occurs, bio-energetics does E Treatment and restores order.

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Restores Defense

When Bio Energeticas restores this defense, you're able to resist invasion of bacteria and virus better. You have an innate feeling of well being and health, which you experienced, only when you were a boy.

This modern science is immensely helpful to increase the effectiveness of allopathic treatments, if only if they accept its highly useful contribution.

Bright Future

When applied with allopathic procedures, bio-energetics, by its energy treatment, gives better relief in diabetes, and its complications. It also cures many other chronic diseases which are not curable by allopathy.

Bioenergetics is gaining attention, from allopathic doctors, when they see and witness these cures. The future is very bright for this new science. This field of research offers maximum scopes to win many a Nobel prize!

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