Healing of Diabetes Types
By Energy  Treatment

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

The Diabetes Types
Challenge Allopathy

The alarming facts about diabetes confirm the failing struggles of medical research to find a cure.

How to control diabetes, and how to reduce its evil effects motivated me in search of a new treatment.

I detail here my scientific findings.

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The Various Types

You may have diabetes-type-2, or you just want to know more about the types of diabetes. To satisfy both, we shall discuss the important types of diabetes, their causes and better diagnosis and treatment options.

These are diabetes-type-1, diabetes-type-2, childhood diabetes, gestational diabetes and diabetes insipidus. Recently scientists have identified another brain related diabetes known as Type 3 Diabetes.

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The Symptoms

When you have diabetes, you experience the following symptoms. Frequent urination, Excessive appetite, excessive hunger, loss of weight, fatigue, blurred vision, and delayed healing of cuts, wounds and sores.

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The Apparent Causes

Pancreatic and Insulin disorders resulting in little or no secretion of hormone insulin, affects your glucose energy metabolism, resulting in high shoot up of your blood glucose levels, causing your diabetes types.

Incompatible insulin like in type 2 and gestational diabetes can cause the disease. Impaired production, storage and release of Hormone ADH from your hypothalamus & pituitary causes your diabetes insipidus.

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The Exact Causes

The Exact causes for diabetes are still a mystery to allopathic research. To locate and rectify these causes, we have to rely on Bioenergetics, in its Energy Diagnosis and Energy Treatment for Diabetes Types.

In this Treatment, we diagnose your energy body and identify the root causes, in your brain, nervous system, internal organs, and in the loss of symmetry of your body energy fields, axis shifts, and energy meridians.

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Aggressions Create
Root Causes

In daily life, your body faces multiple internal and external aggressions. These may be from your food, water, air, radio active vibrations, cellphones, electrical appliances or other types from earth and space.

Each such aggression affects you & leaves its dent in your energy body. When the aggressions are over whelming, it makes your body defenses weak and it results in forming root causes for diabetes types.

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Loss of Frequencies

Now what happens when your body faces multiple aggressions? It becomes overwhelmed. In defense, it abandons temporarily a part of its surface protection, in order to protect your more vital priorities.

When you escape from fire, you throw away your clothes! Like wise, to manage the emergency, your energy body abandons a part of its surface defense, by abandoning its certain life sustaining energy frequencies.

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Restoring Frequencies

When the emergencies are gone your energy body should be able to get back these frequencies. However while facing overwhelming aggressions, it's not able to do it by itself. Some of its defense is lost for ever!

This can lead to many crippling diseases like diabetes types. This is where E Treatment helps with a natural cure. Fortunately, E Treatment restores these lost frequencies to your energy body by its scientific techniques.

Lost Frequencies Restored By
Healing Harmonies

E Treatment for Diabetes Types has a special name for its vibratory medicines, which restore your lost frequencies. We call them 'harmonies'. Using them, we identify your missing frequencies and restore them.

Identification of Healing

These harmonies like essential oils are arranged as per the priority needs of the human body, in a precise order. It is done in many levels ranging from heredity to surface disorders. We expose this range in front of you.

By doing so, we expose you to the healing vibrations of these harmonies. We elicit a response from your energy body precisely identifying the particular harmony from this range which will remove your disease.

At least one among these medicines contains that lost frequency to correct your disorder. It is also the health giving missing frequency for your suffering body. Thus the missing frequency is identified.

Cellular Toxin Blockages

Restoring the lost health frequencies gives you the impetus to effectively eliminate the cellular toxins from your body. In the process of your body's cellular regeneration, a lot of dead cells are formed.

These dead cells turn into cellular toxin blockages. It blocks and prevents your essential energy to reach the most needed areas in your body. This creates formation of energy defects leading to your diabetes type 2.

Elimination Of Toxin

E Treatment effectively eliminates the four types of toxin blockages in your body. It facilitates uninterrupted flow of essential energy and nerve signals preventing formation of causes for your diabetes types.

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Return of Auto Management

We are gifted with self healing powers. Some of these are lost to us by aging and while facing multiple aggressions. It is the E Treatment for diabetes types which restores these natural abilities to the human body.

While restoring lost frequencies, it empowers the patient with abilities to evacuate the cellular toxins. Removal of toxins means removal of blockages. This returns to the body its auto management capacities.

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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