Causes of Diabetes Hidden Factors to be Resolved

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Hidden Causes

Causes of Diabetes are of 2 types. They can be insulin defects or not yet detected other deep problems.

These are the real hidden causes which trigger your diabetes and which prevent its control and cure.

These are the root cause disorders which provoke your pancreatic and insulin defects and other problems.

Bio Energetics

Though medical research could not find the exact causes of diabetes, the science of Bio Energetics has shown a new method of diagnosis of your energy body, energy fields, energy meridians, channels & chakras.

It also finds more causes in your lymphatic, vibratory, and cellular toxin blockages by e diagnosis and cures them by e treatment. It diagnoses your energy field, for its loss of symmetry and the following disorders.

These root disorders are to be removed first to avoid the complications of diabetes and give a natural cure of your diabetes or other diseases.

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Causes of Diabetes
Rectify The Hidden

There can be deep defects in your organs, systems or functions. Unless these hidden causes are removed, there can be no relief by any treatment, in treating your diabetes or your other chronic diseases.

The real causes of diabetes can also be due to defects in your heredity, genetics, nervous systems, endocrine functions, brain, and body energy fields. We shall now probe these areas for hidden causes of diabetes.

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Brain Centers

You should remember that your entire body is controlled by your brain. Every part of your body has a corresponding center in your brain. If that center disconnects from any corresponding organ, that organ falls sick.

If it is disconnected with pancreas, liver, or nervous system, that can become your cause for diabetes. It can lead to insulin and pancreatic disorders. It can cause diabetes or any of your other diabetes types.

Nervous Systems

Your body functions by signals of your nervous system for inward and outward communications. These signals maintain, control, and manage all functions in your body. Any blockages can interrupt these signals.

If these signals are not transmitted due to a blockage, any disease like diabetes associated with that line of communication can develop. E Treatment identifies these disorders by E Diagnosis and corrects them.

Endocrine Glands

Any imbalance in your hypothalamus or the pituitary can trigger known and new causes of diabetes. It can lead to diabetes type 1, type 2, or even more chronic diseases like heart disease or kidney disease.

These are your master endocrine glands which control the secretions of hormones in other glands like your pancreas. These hormones secrete in infinitesimally minute quantities, which control your entire body.

Endocrine secretions

The total hormones secreted by pituitary is about 1X10-6 gm., or one millionth of a gram for the whole day. A minute increase or decrease even in any of these hormones can adversely affect your entire body.

If the secretion and timings of such hormones change even in small ways, chaos set in with irregular release of hormone ADH, or defects in glucose metabolism, causing diabetes insipidus or your diabetes type 2.

Metabolic Disorders

Pituitary releases several such hormones. If the quantities secreted exceed the need or fall short of the requirement, such defects induce any organic, metabolic, or energetic disorders through out your body.

Endocrine defects act as the causes of your diabetes for type 1, Type 2, or Diabetes Insipidus. Such defects can also trigger other chronic diseases in you like diabetic neuropathy, and diabetic nephropathy.

Energy Field Symmetry

Every body has energy fields around it. These are centered around your body. When there is a deep left shift in the energy field from its axis, it indicates a shortage in supply of resource energy from your body cells.

In such a situation, your body faces an emergency. It can not send enough energy to all organs and functions. Therefore it discards the essential needs of some organs or functions to satisfy other priorities.

This creates energy deficits every where in your body. It becomes one of your causes of diabetes. When it affects your pancreas or blood, you develop defects in your glucose metabolism, diabetes type 1, or type 2.

Trigger Diseases

All causes of diabetes are triggered by these hidden disorders. These trigger even more chronic diseases. You have good news now that E Treatment rectifies them, gives better control and gives a natural cure.

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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