Warning Signs of Diabetes Knowledge Is Life Saving

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Warning Symptoms

Knowledge of warning signs of diabetes can save your life. Are you obese, over weight or in your 30s?

Then this knowledge will save you and your family from diabetes type 2 and from its dangerous evils effects.

It enables you to prevent several agonizing diabetes complications, hospitalization, & undue expenses.

Silent Onset

Diabetes Type 2 comes to you silently with its symptoms showing up in you usually after the age of 40.

Diabetes type 2 can affect your children as well. Therefore, it is important for you to look for these warning signs of diabetes, observe necessary precautions and take proper diagnosis and the best treatment.

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Frequent Urination

As a diabetes type 2 patient, you will have a high concentration of glucose in your blood. This is harmful for your blood vessels & capillaries. Your body tries to get rid of this excess sugar through your urine.

Therefore you'll urinate too often. Your kidneys help you by allowing glucose to escape in urine along with necessary water to keep it dissolved. Frequent-Urination is one of the warning signs of diabetes.

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Excessive Thirst

When you urinate frequently, your body loses more water from your body through your urine. It depletes the essential water levels required in your body. Therefore it makes you thirst for more water.

The hypothalamus in your brain which maintains the essential body water levels, makes you frequently thirsty. In Diabetes Type 2 and in the other types excessive thirst is one of your 1st warning signs of diabetes.

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Energy Starvation

When do you feel hungry? You know you are hungry when your hypothalamus signals you with appetite. Your hypothalamus tells you this when your body cells do not get enough glucose to produce energy.

When you have diabetes type 2, you may eat well and have lots of glucose in your blood. But there's not enough glucose inside your body cells to produce energy. Therefore your body is energy starved.

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Extreme Hunger

When ever your body is energy starved, it signals hunger in you, which makes you eat food. In this situation too, your body is energy starved, it cries for food through your hunger, and makes you enormously hungry.

But more food now means still more glucose in your blood. It can lead only to hyperglycemia and not production of energy, for which you body made you hungry. This is the pathetic situation when you have diabetes.

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Weight Loss

In spite of your eating you get no energy. You've energy starvation in all your 60 trillion body cells. Therefore your body breaks down protein from your body muscles and fat from your fat tissues for its energy needs.

Your body does this to use up this energy to satisfy your most important energy needs. As a result you have muscle wasting and weight loss. In diabetes type 2 loss of weight is one of your warning signs of diabetes.

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Weakness and Fatigue

Though you eat more and have excess glucose in your blood, you can not use it to produce energy in you. It is poverty in the midst of plenty! As a result you have weakness & fatigue in your whole body.

Weakness and fatigue can be your warning signs of diabetes. You must look for these diabetic symptoms in your diabetes type 2 and in cases of diabetes type 1, pre diabetes and child hood and gestational diabetes.

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Delay In Healing

You find that cuts, wounds, and sores heal quickly for a normal person. But when you have diabetes type 2, these takes abnormally long time to heal. Your blood has too much of glucose which prevents healing.

This damages your blood capillaries. This thickens their walls, reduces blood supply, reduces oxygen transport and creates nerve damage. This is an ideal situation for the bacteria to live and breed. This prevents healing.

Therefore you should consider any abnormal delays in the healing of your cuts, wounds, or sores as your important warning signs of diabetes.

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When do you ever feel depressed? It is when you do not get enough energy to take care of your body and mental requirements. Energy starvation makes you feel depressed when you have diabetes type 2.

Therefore, you have to look upon these symptoms of dizziness and depression as your other warning signs of diabetes.


In diabetes type 2 you become irritated even for small things. Due to lack of energy your endocrine organs do not secrete enough hormones to balance your emotions. It makes you irritable and short tempered.

You are irritated with out any provocations. Irritability and frequent loss of temper are to be looked upon as your warning signs of diabetes.

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Blurred Vision

With diabetes type 2 you've very high blood sugar. It makes your tissue fluids lose liquid to the blood stream. If it happens in your eyes, eye-tissue fluids are dehydrated, causing blurred vision leading to blindness.

The sugar rich blood sort of sucks water out into its blood stream from and through the eyes' cell membranes. It results in your blurred vision. Consider blurred vision as one of your warning signs of diabetes.

Warning Signs Of

These warning signs actually caution you about the possibilities of severe diabetes complications which will develop in future, if you ignore these tell tale signs of a disease like diabetes type 2.

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