How To Prevent Diabetes
By Bioenergetics

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Biggest Challenge

How to Prevent Diabetes is the Challenge for the entire World. Millions of dollars have been spent.

But till now diabetes continues to haunt the scientists in finding methods to surely prevent diabetes.

The world diabetics are helpless as they watch silently the growth and vehemence of the disease.

Waiting For Recognition

It can be solved only when Allopathic Medicine approves Latest Scientific Methods like Energy Diagnosis and Energy Treatment from Bioenergetics!

With out proper solution from allopathic methods, diabetes threatens to affect the entire world. That is why, we shall do well to benefit from bioenergetics, which reveals many new techniques to prevent diabetes.

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Advent Of Bioenergetics!

This modern science has investigated what causes diabetes, and about its its hidden causes. It has come out with a new diagnosis and a new treatment, in its search for new methods to prevent all types of diabetes.

You have a tendency to inherit diabetes. You have 10 to 15 percent chances, if your parent has diabetes type 2. Unless you adopt the modern scientific methods, you can not control heredity and prevent diabetes.

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Be Prepared!

If you have excessive thirst, excessive appetite, and frequent urination, these can be your diabetic symptoms. If you want to prevent diabetes, you should look for these symptoms, and take immediate remedial action.

Take The Natural Diabetes Treatment!

Ask Your Doctor

You can ask your doctor how to prevent diabetes. He will advise you to take blood tests once a year. It will confirm if are pre diabetic. You can arrest it and prevent diabetes, if you keep fit by proper diet and exercise.

There is nothing like a good sprint or a brisk walk to reverse symptoms of pre diabetes. You must exercise at least four days in a week and try natural methods like meditation and yoga, if you want to prevent diabetes.

Help From Yoga

In diabetes, your hypothalamus, pituitary, pancreas and immune functions are involved. Regular practice of yogic exercises ensures good massage to these organs, increases blood flow, and helps you to prevent diabetes.

If you consult a yoga teacher on how to prevent diabetes, he will ask you to tone up your brain and endocrine organs by practice of yoga. He will prescribe and teach you specific yogic methods to achieve these results.

Endocrine Health

If you want to know how to prevent diabetes insipidus, you will realize the importance of keeping hypothalamus and pituitary in good health. Yoga ensures good health for your pancreas to prevent other diabetes types.

If your pancreas is healthy you can avoid getting diabetes type 1 or type 2. If your hypothalamus is healthy, you can prevent diabetes insipidus. If your immune system is healthy, this greatly helps you to prevent diabetes.

Better To Prevent

If you ask a gynecologist on how to prevent diabetes, she will advise you to avoid becoming over weight, and to keep your hormones and fetus in good health by periodic check up and give you the necessary health tips.

No Cure There!

If you ask a diabetologist on how to prevent diabetes by curing immunity disorders, insulin resistance, and hormone incompatibilities, he will say that is not possible as there is no cure for these defects in allopathic medicine.

Bioenergetic Methods!

If he is interested in your health, he will recommend bioenergetics methods like energy diagnosis and energy treatment. These methods find out and correct disorders in your energy body, energy meridians, and energy fields.

He will explain how to prevent your diabetes by correcting your liver, blood, brain disconnections, heredity disorders, immunity defects, organic time lag, childhood blockages, mental blockages, and endocrine disorders.

Pollution Aggressions

We live in a polluted world. Our basic needs like the air, water, and food are all polluted by pesticides, fertilizers, auto exhausts, nuclear debris, and what not. Living in such a world, no one can claim to have perfect health.

This makes every one liable to fall sick and acquire chronic and incurable diseases like diabetes. Since allopathy alone can not prevent diabetes, he will advise you also to have his new diagnosis and the new e treatment.

How To Prevent

Bioenergetics reveals how to prevent diabetes by restoring your self healing powers, and toning up your endocrine glands. It also reveals how it purifies blood, removes toxin blockages and restores perfect health!

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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