Distance Treatment -Is It
A Myth Or Reality?
Scientifically Explained!

Energy Body

Distance Treatment is done on the energy body. You know you've a   body. You've got one more body.

It's an astral body made of your body energy fields. It's also called your energy body. What does it Do?

It's a Transmitter & Receiver. It transmits & receives communication by electromagnetic signals or data.

What Is That Data? How Does It
Relate To E-Treatment?

Your body has 63 trillion cells. Each communicates with every other cell in that 63 trillion. This is all done by signals. These are electromagnetic signals like Radio Waves! Your energy body records this communication.

Your energy body records and stores all these communications in its memory. It is stored in the form of electromagnetic data. When we say Data we refer to the details of these inter cellular communications!

Conversation With Energy
Body And Intelligence

My valise for distance treatment contains more than 500 harmonies (we don't call them medicines) and when I concentrate on the client, he becomes the target for my Lecher Antenna. And it starts scanning him.

It extracts information about his root cause energy disorders and transmits that data to me. It's the much needed info to do e-treatment. Then I begin a conversation with the client's energy body & intelligence.

Role of Human Intelligence

Intelligence is the supreme being in our body. In Remote treatments I scan the energy body of the client and also talk to his Intelligence. Why? Energy body reports all its data to the intelligence of the client. 

The 1st step in distance treatment is e diagnosis. For every disease there must be some root cause disorders. We learn about the root cause disorders in the client's energy body by talking to his intelligence.

Request Intelligence To
Scan The energy Body

In this Remote Treatment we must get the permission from the client's Intelligence to scan his energy body. Then only we are allowed to scan it. We get information about the root cause disorders from these scans.

Types Of Disorders Treated
By Distance Treatment

There are many kinds of diseases. Clients may have hereditary or genetic disorders, endocrine disorders, brain disconnections, cellular disorders leading to cancer, mental, hormonal or allergic disorders!

Some clients may have liver to brain disconnections, infections, organic time lags, Yin-Yang imbalance, minor brain disconnections, loss of control over major command points in the energy circulation channels.

Treatment Begins!

I start distance treatment as follows. I refer to a single disorder and ask the client's Intelligence which of the harmonies in my valise it wants. Then it says it wants an essential oil, or a mineral, or a trace element.

Or it may say it wants a harmony for cancer, or for a major brain connector, or a mental, hormonal, or anti allergic harmony, or a harmony to correct an organic time lag, or one to correct his yin yang imbalance.

Client's Intelligence Is
The Ultimate Boss!

When I do Remote Treatment the client's Intelligence acts as my boss. I obey its commands implicitly. Continuing with what it may want it may ask me to correct few major command points in the client's energy body.

Or the client's intelligence may ask for a color filter to restore a lost frequency or order me to restore connectivity between his brain and an organ which lost connection with the brain due to certain emergencies.

Take Scientific Help

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