Diabetes Cures & Cures For
Hormone Disorders

by Sheela Williams

I am Sheela Williams from Bangalore. Four years before I thought diabetes cures were quite impossible. I had to change this opinion after I met Mr. M. Sathiamurthi, who is India's No.1 Bioenergetician.

My age is 28. I had type 2 diabetes. And other severe digestive disorders. I was never ravenously hungry. I could not digest food. I had chronic stomach pain. I also had ovulation and menstrual problems.

Unable to eat properly, I became so weak that even to stand up and receive some one was a big task. I thought my days were over. I had already tried all the best hospitals in Bangalore.

Every one called my condition hormone problems. Others called it as endocrine disorders. But no one could cure this. They said it was due to heredity and they could not do any thing about it.

One evening I saw a 9-30 pm TV show in which Mr. M. Sathiamurthi explained his Bioenergetics and E Treatment. He said it was capable of curing all types of diseases. Therefore, I decided to take this treatment.

He treated me before 4 years in Hotel Woodlands in Bangalore. He treated me from morning 11 am till 7 pm in the evening. He did not give any medicine or injections. I had a follow up after 3 months.

During his treatment he was talking to my energy body all along through his antenna. He used his antenna for this dialogue. Off and on, he chose certain herbal preparations for his vibrational treatment.

And Yes. He selected the appropriate vibrations from these herbs, and transmitted them on to my body in different locations from head to groin. He gave me a color filter to use for 20 days daily for 2 minutes.

I used the filter by placing my palm over it, placing it on a well lit glass plate. The idea is that my body was missing that color, and this affected my toxin elimination, and sending it into my body helped me to eliminate these toxins better. I helped me to obtain faster relief from my problems.

I felt complete relief after 20 days. My digestive problems vanished. My menstrual problems disappeared. For many years, my mouth would not secrete saliva. After the treatment the saliva secretions had returned.

My diabetes doctor was astonished to see my improvements. After this treatment, he reduced my diabetic medicines to lesser dosage.

After three months, I had one follow up treatment after 90 days, and since then I have never had any problems in the last four years. I think if more people know about this treatment, lots of people will be benefited.

It was a God Send in my life for me to have met Mr. M. Sathiamurthi. He is rightly called India's No.1 Bioenergetician. He has completely transformed my life. My ovulation problems too have vanished. I must say I experience the real joy of living only after his treatment.

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