Remove Root Cause Disorders
And Defeat Diabetes Types

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Scientific E Diagnosis

Removal of root cause disorders and restoring perfect health should be the Priority of Any Good Treatment.

Conventional and Modern Allopathic Medicines and Treatment with These Medicines mostly fail in this aspect.

Therefore, these treatments are not able to ensure perfect control of your Diabetes and Diabetes Types.

Prevent Complications

Such Methods do not prevent the occurrence of diabetes complications.

It's because, these methods are not capable of diagnosing your real causes of diabetes. E Diagnosis solves this problem. It is able to identify these real causes and also define your most appropriate treatment.

Real Causes Are Hidden

The obviously mentioned causes of diabetes are your pancreatic disorders, insulin defects, heredity, viral infections, and immune system disorders. We'd fully examined these apparent causes in what causes diabetes.

These outward causes are triggered by certain deep root cause disorders which are your real causes of diabetes. These root causes may be present in your brain, in your nervous systems, or in your endocrine glands.

Triggered By Energy Disorders

These may be hiding in the energy channels of your body. These may remain as blockages in your lines of neuron communications. Or these may be present in your body energy fields as lack of symmetry.

These may be hidden in your mind. These are your real root causes of diabetes. E Treatment finds out and rectifies these root cause disorders.

Correcting Methodology

Only by correcting these root cause disorders, we can correct the other causes of diabetes. When we take this action and rectify these, many of the outward and symptomatic disorders disappear by themselves.

Then whatever defects remain are symptomatic. These can be rectified by allopathic or homeopathic medicines. It is in this stage that you need the services of a traditional doctor or MD.

Overall Best Results

It is the correction of the root cause disorders which rectifies both the hidden and obvious causes of diabetes. This enables you to have overall best results in your treatment of diabetes types and your complications.

You experience an intrinsic sense of well being immediately after Energy Diagnosis and E Treatment. You can measure and confirm your overall improvements in health by standard allopathic testing methods.

Dialogue With Human Intelligence
Between You And Your Doctor

An important aspect of E Treatment is the scientific dialogue between your intelligence and the intelligence of your doctor doing for you bio-energetics. This is based on advanced techniques of quantum physics.

This is a two way exchange of information between your intelligence and the intelligence of your doctor. Your intelligence responds by giving feed back details about the real causes of diabetes present inside your body.

Scientific Techniques To Find
Root Cause Disorders

We do this dialog using Lecher Antenna which connects you and your doctor. We place before you a row of medicines containing certain healing vibrations. We ask your intelligence which among these can heal you.

Your intelligence responds and selects your most appropriate medicine. It contains the healing frequency required to correct your disease. We transmit this into your body energy fields by Lecher Antenna & heal you.

Analogy Of A Mobile Message

We can explain this with the analogy of your cell phone. Suppose you send an sms message to a friend. You type the message and click send, and the next second the message is displayed in your friend’s mobile phone.

Originally, the message was a thought in your mind. You gave it a coded format using your language. This was converted by your mobile phone into an electromagnetic data file and transmitted as a vibration.

The antenna in your friend's mobile phone picks it up and receives the message. It decodes the electromagnetic data of your message, converts into a language format and displays it on his phone.

Questioning And Feed Back

In the same way, information is transferred between your intelligence and the intelligence of your doctor, by quantic questioning and feed back. The feed back gives precise data on your root cause disorders.

Obtaining Diagnostic Data

Information about all your root cause disorders for diabetes types and more useful data on all your other physical and mental problems, is stored in your energy body’s intelligence and storage banks of memory.

Using this dialogue, we extract from these memory banks, precise data on your energy blockages and body energy field shifts. Besides being causes of diabetes, these create all your physical and mental diseases.

Removal of Root Cause Disorders

Once, we find the real causes, we proceed to remove these root cause disorders and restore health. Then, we design and administer the perfect e or energy treatment for you applying quantum physics scientific methods.

Most of your problems of diabetes type 2 and other diabetes types are the consequence of these root cause disorders. E Treatment removes these and facilitates effective correction of your real causes of diabetes.

Therefore, by E Diagnosis and E Treatment, we effectively eliminate hidden causes of diabetes, and also remove other apparent causes. This brings back health. This restores to you the self healing powers of your body.

Quantum Physics Techniques And
Hi-Tech Instruments

The New Scientific E Treatment is founded upon principles of quantum physics and advanced molecular biology. We apply these principles in our E Diagnosis & E Treatment to restore your lost powers of self healing.

E Treatment acts on resonance of your body vibes. It sends healing vibes with this resonance. It does it by transmitting your most needed medicinal frequencies & vibes which resonate, reach within your body, and heal you.

E Diagnosis in Deep Levels

E Treatment applies E Diagnosis to examine your body in thirty seven deep levels using modern scientific methods and the latest hi-tech instruments. All your root cause disorders are found out and rectified properly.

We identify the most appropriate techniques for your E Treatment as per your unique personal problems. These may be in your organic, metabolic, energetic zones. These may be external and internal aggressions.

E Diagnosis finds out all these tensions and aggressions. It also finds out their effects on your body in its thirty seven deep levels. Like this we find out your root cause disorders and your real causes of diabetes.

Findings of E Diagnosis

We find out the absence of symmetry in your energy fields. We find out the cellular toxin elimination efficiency in your body. We find out the energy flow blockages in your twenty four important meridians.

We find out the mistakes in the polarities of your main energy channels and measure their channel strengths. We diagnose your chakras in your crown, forehead, throat, solar plexus, and abdomen.

These measurements of e diagnosis enable us to quickly and accurately identify the blockages, which are the main disorders for your disease. This kind of a complete diagnosis is possible only in e treatment.

Taking Wise Help

These root cause disorders have left you liable for many complications. It's why you must ensure your additional safety by taking our help.

Find Your Answers

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Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

You now have detailed reports on E Diagnosis done on a patient with Diabetes Type 2. With Many New Scientific Procedures! Click here to See Reports! See The World Of Difference From Allopathic Diagnosis!

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