Regulate Hypothalamus
By E Treatment
To Heal Diabetes Types

Dr. M. Sathiamurthi

Organ of Wonders

Next to your brain, you should call hypothalamus as your most important organ in your entire body.

Located in the center of your head, it is a tiny organ which weighs about five grams but works wonders.

It controls all important functions in your body like digestion, excretion, circulation, breathing, and sexuality.

Maintains Homeostasis

Any defect or disorder in your hypothalamus can make you severely ill and endanger life. It maintains the homeostasis in your body. Like it keeps your temperature, pressure, and water, mineral balances in your body.

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Limitations of Allopathic Diagnosis
Real Disorders Escape Detection

An illness in this organ can lead to any of the known diabetes types. If it is a verifiable disorder by CT and MRI scans or other allopathic testing, it can be corrected by allopathic medicine.

There can be cases where these existing testing methods fail altogether to detect the weakness in hypothalamus. These can be organic, metabolic or energetic disorders which can be only found out by E Diagnosis.

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E Treatment Increases Efficiency Of
Allopathic Treatment Methods

In such cases intervention by E Treatment and E diagnosis become important tools to correct your diabetes types. In many cases these interventions are sufficient to correct and regulate your illness.

These procedures of E diagnosis can also supplement and reinforce the treatment methods of allopathic medicine, where the internal disorders are associated with surface disorders responding to allopathy.

E Treatment Heals Hidden Disorders
Not Traced By Allopathy

The principle is to use E Diagnosis and E Treatment to correct the deep disorders not detected by allopathic diagnosis and to take the help of allopathy to correct the surface disorders if any such disorder remains.

Hypothalamus Coordinates
All Body Functions

It acts as the central information exchange between your brain and all other parts of your body. It works for you tirelessly all the 24 hours of the day in maintaining the equilibrium in your body.

It maintains your body temperature. It preserves the essential required levels of water in your body. It acts as the central information exchange for your pituitary and your entire nervous system.

Dispatch And Feed Back Of Nerve
Signal Communications

It receives all the messages from the sixty trillion body cells in your body. It communicates these messages to the various compartments of your brain. It gets the feed back messages from your brain.

It informs these reply messages to the sixty trillion cells in your body. It works non stop like this for all the 24 hours in a day and works like this through out your life.

Coordinates Endocrine And Nervous Systems
Functions With Your Brain

Hypothalamus controls all endocrine organs. It acts as a coordinator of your body’s nervous system with your pituitary and your brain. It informs you when you are hungry and thirsty and feel hot or cold.

You do not know that you are hungry unless it tells you. It receives signals of fatigue from your body cells. It notices that you need food. It stimulates your stomach and endocrines to create hunger in you.

Prepares Your Body To
Face Emergencies

Your hypothalamus instantly gathers information about all emergencies, infections and pain problems. It coordinates with your brain, defends, and protects you by taking the appropriate action to solve these problems.

When you face an emergency or danger, it prepares your body for a fight or flight situation. It tells your brain and the various organs in your body that their services are required.

Controls Temperature

It helps to maintain your temperature at a steady 98.4 0F. Even if you live in Siberian winter where the temperature is extremely low like minus 90 0F, it keeps you warm at a steady 98.4 0F.

When you live in a desert, where the out side temperature is very hot, your hypothalamus arranges your body to maintain your safe temperature of 98.4 0F. It does all this with your bidding or request.

Preserves And Maintains
Water Balance

Take for example the water balance in your body. When you were a child, you were 75 percent water. As an adult, you are 50 percent water. If it exceeds or falls short of the ideal levels, it spells danger to life.

Hypothalamus And ADH

Therefore, it triggers the release of ADH hormone from your pituitary to regulate the water levels in your body by action of your kidneys by increasing or decreasing your urine output.

These are only examples of the work of hypothalamus. It is the most important 5 grams of cell group in your body. It participates in what ever you do. It mothers you and takes care as if you are its baby.

A defect in production and distribution of ADH leads to Diabetes Insipidus.

Controls Pituitary And
All Endocrine Glands

Like this it handles the message requests from your sixty trillion cells in your body. It coordinates with your brain for your nervous system and all your endocrine glands to function properly.

Disorders Can Lead To
Diabetes Types

Any defect in this organ can make you fall ill, catch an infection or acquire a disease like diabetes. It can be any of the known diabetes types which can result as a result of problems with this master gland.

Relief By E Diagnosis And
E Treatment

There can be an organic disorder with hypothalamus. It can have an energetic disorder. E Diagnosis finds out these disorders and rectifies the same by E Treatment. Like this, it gives relief in your diabetes types.

All Your Questions Answered

As E Treatment for diabetes types is highly scientific, you may still have some questions that need answers. The FAQ answers all your questions. Kindly click on the FAQ links at the bottom to get your answers.

Take Scientific Help

Allopathic care may help, but that alone is not enough. This is why you must ensure your additional safety by taking the e diagnosis and our special e treatment! to treat effectively your diabetes complications.

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