Scientific Facts About Diabetes

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Major Cause of Death

Latest facts about diabetes reveal to you that it is now the single most important, feared metabolic disease.

It is one of the leading causes of deaths and disabilities in the United States and all other world nations.

Diabetes erodes and afflicts each and every cell in your body. your body has more than 60 trillion cells.

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Cripples Life Process

You always have certain essential biochemical processes happening in all your body cells which preserve your life and immunity to disease. Diabetes attacks these cells, their life sustaining processes, and cripples your life.

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Affects Metabolism

These processes are cellular division, multiplication, growth, digestion, assimilation, and toxin elimination. As per facts about diabetes, this disease deranges this metabolism which sustains and preserves your life.

As this metabolic attack worsens, excessive ketones are produced in your blood. Accumulation of ketones in your blood causes acidosis. If it is not corrected immediately, it can result in keto acidosis, coma, and death.

History of Diabetes Reveals Interesting Facts

Say No To Cow’s Milk

Facts about diabetes reveal that cow’s milk contains a dangerous protein, which causes auto immune disorders in babies. It harms your baby's islet cells, if you deny breast feeding from its 3rd month and feed on cow’s milk.

This protein can also enter the breast milk and get into your baby creating serious auto immune disorders. This destroys the islet cells in the pancreas, affecting production of insulin and causing child hood diabetes.

A wise mother avoids drinking cow’s milk during her breast feeding.

Facts About Insulin

According to facts about diabetes, there are two extremes in production of insulin. In diabetes type 1, insulin is not produced or it is insufficient. In type 2, insulin is produced less or more, but it may be defective in quality.

Insulin Resistance

Type 2 patients produce more than normal amounts of insulin. It is some times two to three times more. This excess insulin causes insulin resistance in your body cells. This leads to excessive blood sugar levels.

In spite of its excess, this insulin is not effective in diabetes type 2, as the body cells have developed insulin resistance. It only serves to cause diseases like atherosclerosis, hyper tension, or high blood pressure.

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Diabetes Type 2

Out of all the diabetics in the world, ninety to ninety five percent of them suffer from diabetes type 2. Previously it used to strike after 40 years. Of late it has started coming up in children and adolescents too.

Herbal Remedies

As per facts about diabetes, Yu Xiao San 8805, a herbal product is said to give relief in diabetes type 2. It is said to restore pancreatic function, proliferate beta cells, lower blood sugar levels, and favor insulin secretion.

Many alternative health systems in the global markets canvass for use of herbs to control diabetes. India and China abound with alternate herbal procedures for natural cures and vibrational therapies for chronic diseases.


According to facts about diabetes, among all the type 2 patients, ninety percent are obese. Obesity or over weight leads to carbs intolerance, higher insulin levels, and insulin insensitivity in your fat and muscle cells.

Inadequate Treatments

Diabetes is not a simple disease in which only one or two functions have gone wrong. It is clear from years of researches on diabetes, that it is a complex disease with a multitude of metabolic disorders.

When this is the fact, conventional medical approach of simply using insulin or oral drugs to treat diabetes is incomplete and highly inadequate. As such, these methods can not cure you or prevent your complications.

Relentless Complications

As facts about diabetes reveal, if you rely only on insulin and allopathic methods, you will suffer sooner or later complications like heart disease, hyper tension, kidney disease, blindness, foot disease, and amputations.

Facts About Diabetes
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Reduced Dosage

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More Facts On Diabetes

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Latest Treatment

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